Anti-5G “military” monks, destroyers of relay antennas

Anti-5G "military" monks, destroyers of relay antennas

Two monks at a fundamentalist Catholic monastery in Rhne were charged last week with attacking relay antennas for hostility to 5G deployment, and we learned from a judicial source on Monday.

Installation of 5G antennas


According to the WilleFrench-Sir-Zain Prosecutor’s Office, the local newspaper Le Progress confirms that both men, aged 39 and 40, admitted to setting fire to the first telephone pylon in Saint from September 14 to 15. -Forjax, northwest of Lyon.

The damage was limited.

The next night, two monks, members of a convent in Bujola, were arrested by genders at Flagerant Delicto while attempting to set fire to an antenna in another town in Annecy.


They were taken into custody and then produced before an investigating judge, who admitted the facts and explained that they had worked to protect the population from the harmful effects of 5G, Willefranche prosecutor Lacitia Francart told AFP.

Two monks were placed under judicial supervision, charged with “attempting to destroy and destroy by flammable means” and “criminal association”.

They are part of a Capuchin community in the St. Francois Convent in Willie-Morgan, affiliated with the fundamentalist movement Fraternity Sasserdottel St.-Pi X, according to its website.

According to Le Progress, a spokesman for the convent spoke of “isolated actions and youthful wrongdoing.” “The waves are very harmful to health and they wanted to work for the welfare of mankind,” she told the newspaper.


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