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In the territory of modern northern Patagonia, Argentine scientists have discovered the remains of a giant dinosaur called Meraxus gigas.

Finding out why this is so will shed light Dinosaur Tyrannosaurs had such short forelimbs.

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The new dinosaur had a giant head. The length of the body of the animal reached 11 meters, the head – one meter, but the front legs – only 60 centimeters. Scientists believe this is an evolutionary advantage.

Although M. gigas and Tyrannosaurus rex had similar forelimbs, they were not related species. Similarity is explained by convergent evolution, when different species living similar lifestyles develop similar traits.

According to Juan Canal of the Ernesto Bachmann Paleontological Museum, lead author of the study, a possible explanation for the appearance of such small feet is that Merax and T. In the distant ancestors of the rex, the forelimbs played an important role in hunting. . Later, the large head with powerful jaws became a more effective hunting tool, and the forelimbs gradually declined.

Scientists also note that the dinosaur’s front legs were twice as short as its head, so the animal could not reach its mouth.

It was already known Scientists have discovered the fossilized bones of a new species stegosaurus, Undiscovered yet.

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