Another national team is already ready

Another national team is already ready

News on the horizon at the Six Nations, the proudest rugby tournament in the Northern Hemisphere. Italy, a team that retreated from very negative results, may be knocked out in the future.

Earthquake on the horizon Rugby. The Six nationsIt is the most important international rugby tournament in the Northern Hemisphere and will feature significant innovations from the 2025 edition. The glorious and historic appointment of the Oval Ball will welcome world champions. South Africa. Unfortunately, that can beItaly So it’s an effective alternative to Springbox.

A few days after the announcement that South Africa would still play in the classic round of the Southern Hemisphere Rugby Championship with New Zealand, Australia and Argentina for 3 years, some surprising distinctions came across the channel about this replacement. However, this does not mean that the world champions have not given up lining up in the north. On the other hand, South African clubs have already had the opportunity to participate in next season’s European tournaments: they are currently in the United Rugby Championship (URC) with Welsh, Scottish and Irish teams.

So what makes the South African rugby team want to participate in 15 countries? It all stemmed from CVC’s acquisition of one – seventh stake in the competition against investments of up to 36 365 million. Therefore, the private equity company is seeking the participation of South Africa, one of the largest rugby players in the world, in the event that it has the potential to generate significant commercial gains and generate significant revenue from radio and television.

In this regard, the CVC entered into 6 countries, as explained in the official statement “L.A.The goal is to improve the sporting appearance of all tournaments, teams and brands. Build broad business capabilities to support these ambitious plans. These measures will ensure continuous development for the benefit of the fans and attract new, more diverse and global fans.

When Italy was added to France, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England in 2000, some credible sources confirmed to Sport‌s Mail that the organizers wanted to maintain the existing six-nation format. For this reason, the only way to allow South Africa to enter the competition is to expel one of the current partners. In this case, Italy will be eliminated and the team with the lowest performance is currently on hand. This will increase the competitiveness of the event, which will continue to move forward with the classic format without any promotions or demotions. Apparently, however, they are different, and this view is not very welcome to some prominent figures in European rugby. However, in the context of the commercial side, discourse related to tradition may be postponed.

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