Anniversary of 2021

Gli anniversari del 2021

This year will be filled with a number of sporting events that are scheduled to take place in 2020 but have been postponed due to epidemics such as the Tokyo Olympics and the European Football Championships from 19 to 2021. But in addition to sports, in 2021 Sui will be celebrating some very important historical anniversaries. Important here:

Death of Dante Alihieri.
The great poet and author of divine humor, Dante Alihieri, died in 1321 at the age of 56, between 13 and 14 September, after returning to his Ravenna from an embassy in Venice with malaria. Therefore, this year marks the 700th anniversary of his death.

Kadutta of tenocitoline. On August 13, 1521, Spanish troops, led by Hernൻn Cortക്കൊs, massacred its inhabitants, the capital of the Aztec Empire, after a two – month siege. It was the capital of the Aztec Empire. Tenochitlan now stands on many of the islands in Lake Texaco, like Venice in central Mexico. Mexico City was built with its ruins, and for centuries most of Lake Texco was washed away. In 2021, it will be 500 years since that event.

Death of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon surrendered to the British in 1815 at Waterloo after the defeat of the Anglo-Prussian alliance led by the Duke of Wellington and Field Marshal von Blucher. Deported to distant St. Helena, an island in the Atlantic Ocean. Sat Elena was a minor exile of Napoleon. In fact, the island’s uninhabitable climate would worsen his health, leading to his death in 1821, at the age of 52. This year marks 200 years since that event, which Mansoni celebrated on May 5th.

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The Communist Party of Italy was born. During the Sixteenth National Congress of the Socialist Party in Liverno, Nokia’s most militant groups during the Red Two – year period and the October Revolution in Russia were Bombachi, Bordiga, Damen, Fortichiari, Gramsci and Terrasini. The Communist Party of Italy (PCDI) was founded on January 21, 1921, and later became the Italian Communist Party (PCI). In the years that followed, it would become the strongest communist party in Western Europe. He merged in 1991 with “Swolta della Bolognina” by Achille Ochetto and has appeared in national politics since 2016 with the old symbol. The centenary of his birth will take place in a few weeks.

The Chinese Communist Party was born. The first congress of the Communist Party of China (CCP), which has led the People’s Republic of China since October 1, 1949, was celebrated on July 1 by a group of intellectuals, including Mao Zedong. To find. So summer will celebrate its centenary.

Birth of the Irish Free State. The Irish desire for independence has been known since 1916, the first attempt at rebellion. After the birth of the Irish Party and the demonstration of the will of self-government, the English Parliament recognized Ireland’s national identity, but only after the bloody conflict of 1921 did the 26 southern counties of the country (with a Catholic majority) gain independence from the Protestant Party on December 6, 1921, when the British government recognized the birth of the Irish Independent Nation. Ireland’s independence from the United Kingdom was formalized in 1937, and only in 1949 did it leave the Commonwealth, and the Republic of Ireland was declared. In this case, too, it is the centenary of birth.

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