Animals with emotional support are no longer considered service animals on board, the DOT decides

Animals with emotional support are no longer considered service animals on board, the DOT decides

Bad news, animal lovers.

United States Department of Transport (DOT) announced it Emotional support animals The final rule on the subject of disputed travel will no longer be considered as service animals on updated flights.

DOT shared the news on a Wednesday Newsletter, Review of the Air Carrier Access Act explained that more than 15,000 comments were made on this proposal. First pitched In January.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has announced that animals with emotional support will no longer be considered service animals.

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“The final rule, announced today, addresses concerns raised about service animals on the aircraft by persons with disabilities, airlines, flight attendants, airports, other aviation partners and other members of the public,” the agency said.

For now, the DOT will define a service animal as “a dog personally trained to work or perform duties for the benefit of a person with a disability.”

The DOT “no longer treats an animal with an emotional support as a service animal,” and the department will ask airlines to “treat mental service animals as well as other service animals.

Going forward, the department allows airlines to request DOT-approved forms confirming the health, behavior and pre-flight training of a service animal, and allows carriers to double the number of service animals traveling with a passenger.

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In addition, DOT has given airlines the right to request a service animal within the foot of the aircraft handler, and recommends that the animal be used, leaked or tethered at all times during and after the flight. Travel Travel.

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The DOT supports a carrier agency in refusing to transport aggressive service animals, while refusing to allow aircraft to transport a service animal.

The topic of emotional support and service animals on planes was a major travel news of 2018 Emotional support peacock of Dexter The owner was instructed to board a United Airlines flight. Months later, A French bulldog has died In the high sky after the United Airlines flight attendant accidentally placed it in the overhead bin for the duration of the flight. From there, Emotional Support Cats, Annan, and Rat Headlines and fiery discussions continued.

Then there are the various carriers The leak was tightened In the respective laws relating to the transportation of emotional support and service animals; DOT’s latest update will be a policy game changer.

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A spokesman for the department did not immediately comment on Fox News.

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