Angelique Hatsigaki and “Positive Psychology of Children” – Trikala Voice

Angelique Hatsigaki and "Positive Psychology of Children" - Trikala Voice

The Angelique Papantoniu-Hatsigaki A few years ago, in Trikala, wisely and quietly, always smiling, she entered our lives to support her husband’s efforts. Mikeli HatzigakiWho rules with ND .. Sweet and Dynamic, a young mother of three, she follows in her family’s footsteps and contributes to volunteer and community activities.

Recently, the Angelic In the context of its activities Became a counselor in Positive Psychology One of her big dreams came true. He formed a group of close associates HFM (Human Flourishing Movement) A non-profit organization that creates and offers applied positive psychology programs for young people and adults in the education sector. Her vision is to help children and adults develop a way of thinking that focuses on the positives of each situation, and to become more optimistic about things and life in general..

In recent years, children have been adversely affected by a number of factors: from house arrest due to an epidemic, to the financial crisis caused by problems at home to the rapid development of school bullying. Today, children experience mental problems at an early age, and after ten years of severe crisis Greek schools have not yet adapted to the new reality.

Angelique has begun collaborating with several schools and educational institutions in Athens, and is anxious to help these children with their exams. It is already implementing an annual program of Applied Positive Psychology with activities aimed at teachers and students, audiovisual media and updates and presentations by specific participants.

Along with her team of psychologists and collaborators, she teaches specialized exercises performed in the best schools in the US and Australia, and aims to enhance children’s positive emotions, the gratitude they experience, creativity, and teamwork, and to strengthen the bond between them.. The second is very important in a world where children are getting lost and getting further away in video games and social media.

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Nature itself is optimistic, We believe that positive psychology programs can significantly help children’s psychology. After all, we can face such times only with optimism. Winston Churchill would say “I’m an optimistic person. It does not seem to benefit from being something else.”.

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