Angela Merkel’s party lost in two German state elections on Sunday

Angela Merkel's party lost in two German state elections on Sunday

In Germany, voting took place on Sunday in two states, Baden-Wട്ടെrttemberg and the Rhineland-Palatinate. Candidates for the government’s Angela Merkel’s Conservative Party, the CDU, came in second in both states: behind the Greens in Baden-Wർrttemberg and behind the Social Democratic Party in the Rhineland-Palette. It is not yet clear which alliances will be formed between the two local governments. They were important elections in two states with a total population of over 10 million (7.7 in Baden-Wർrttemberg and 3.1 in the Rhineland-Palatinate).

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The CDU has been in government with the German government for about 16 years A moment of crisis Due to some of its recent scandals and its many members being affected and the numerous criticisms it has received for dealing with the pandemic. These elections were the first testament to the declining popularity of the party. It was also the first election since Armin Lacette replaced Angela Merkel, who announced she would step down from politics at the end of her term as chancellor. National parliamentary elections will be held in September, and Lazette is not sure if he will be nominated for chancellor.

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