Andy Murray faces a ‘challenging’ route to the top, but ‘wants to win a few tournaments’

Andy Murray faces a 'challenging' route to the top, but 'wants to win a few tournaments'

The struggle to move back in the rankings is a climb for Andy Murray, but the three-time Grand Slam winner insists he can “win a few more tournaments”.

Murray returned to 111th place after being knocked out of the World Top 500 following a lay-off following hip reconstructive surgery.

However, being out of the first 100 rounds means you are likely to have difficult draws in the first few rounds of the Grand Slam, and this has been happening to Murray for the past few weeks.

16th seed Felix Agar-Aliasim will face former French Open champion and three-time Grand Slam champion Stan Wawrinka in the second round of the US Open.

The 33-year-old knows the path to the top is difficult, but he never gives up.

I like six months of regular training, tournaments and rest, ”Murray said. “The sad thing is, where I am currently ranked, I feel good this week, and then I draw Stan in the first round. Or Djokovic.

“In Cincinnati, I defeated third-ranked (Alexander) Sverre. You play the best players right from the start of the tournament, and it is very difficult to improve your ranking with a two-year ranking system.

“To reach 50 in the world, the points you need will be much higher than usual. Players add to their points, while I have no computer points other than Antwerp and year-end points.

“That’s the challenge, make sure you’re ready for the tournaments, play against the best players early in the events and win. Rely a little on the lottery and get a few breaks along the way.

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“I know it’s very difficult to get back there, but I think if I can compete in the tournaments I need in five or six months and train properly, I’ll definitely win a few tournaments and get some great wins. ”

Wawrinka is the 16th seed at Roland Garros, but has been battling an injury for the past few years before returning to the top.

“We toured at the same time, he’s been with me for a year or more, and we ‘ve both suffered a lot of injuries over the last few years,” Murray said of his Swiss opponent.

“I would say we have been closer for the last few years. I text him a little, he sends me messages after matches and tournaments, which would not have happened six or seven years ago.

We both go through different injuries at the same time, where there is mutual respect. I am glad he was able to play great tennis after a very bad knee problem. He’s a great, great player and a good guy. ”

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