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Android |  Why can't I send or receive text messages on my phone: Know the solution |  Operating System |  Technology |  Strategy |  Solutions |  nda |  nnni |  Sports-play

When you can’t send or receive an SMS text message through your mobile device, you immediately blame the operator that provides you with telephone services, which is normal because you feel like you’re “giving up” if the signal from that company keeps failing. Your money, however, often the problem is due to traditional reasons not related to an operator’s network, but due to some error that cell phones experience. . On this occasion, we will explain from Depor why you cannot send SMS messages and what are the possible solutions that will put an end to this inconvenience. Note taken.

Although there are currently different instant messaging applications, the most used are the following: WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct Messages, these belong to the same company as Mark Zuckerberg, we refer to “Meta”, which is usually abandoned from time to time and affects everyone. The servers we mentioned above. It’s here when you go to use or communicate For this reason it is always good to keep them active in different situations.

What to do if you can’t send or receive text messages on your cell phone

Before starting, check that you have no outstanding debts, good coverage in your area or airplane mode is not activated, these are the main reasons why you cannot send or receive SMS messages.

  • SIM card: It is possible that the SIM has moved from its position after a blow from your device, for this reason you do not have access to the network, the easiest way to check if you have a signal is to look at the located bar. In the upper right, if it is zero or an X symbol, it means that the smartphone does not recognize the SIM card, and it is possible that this component is broken.
  • Force quit the messaging app: All mobiles have a default message application and it has faced some failures that prevent you from receiving or sending messages, so, go to “Settings” > “Applications” > Look for SMS app > Tap on “”. Force Stop”> Reactivate.
  • Full storage: Delete any multimedia files you don’t use, like photos, videos, documents, etc. Because if your cell phone doesn’t have enough storage, messages won’t reach you because they also consume space.
  • Clear the cache: When an app registers too much cache data, it usually has errors, please do the following: Press “Settings” > “Applications” > “SMS” app > “Storage” > and press “Clear Cache”.
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Why does your partner have two calculator apps?

  • One reason is that the external calculator app has more features than the default one and that’s why your partner chose it.
  • Another reason is that at worst it’s a “fake” app, which means it’s a calculator.
  • Google Play has apps that disguise themselves as a simple calculator on your smartphone, you can even do math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc., but if you enter a secret key and press equals (=), a new space will be enabled on your cell phone.
  • From here you can hide photos and videos from your device’s main gallery. Here is a list of fake calculator apps:
  • “Calculator: Hide Photos”.
  • “Calculator Vault: App Hider”.
  • “Calculator – Hide Photos”.
  • “Secret Calculator Photo Videos”.
  • “Secret Locker Calculator.
  • “WSLT Secret Calculator”.

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