Android: Race for Desktop – Google and Microsoft rely on completely different solutions


Android apps have not played a role on the desktop for years, even if one or another user wants to run it permanently. Good Google And Microsoft This gap is found and works for very different solutions. Unequal races can also determine the future of the desktop to some extent.

Google Chrome Windows 7

Each operating system has its own applications, which are developed specifically for the respective platform. In most cases, emulators or virtual machines can be used to run applications from other platforms, but despite great progress, it is rarely suitable for people. There is no other combination of interest when running Android apps on the desktop – after all, of course, on the Windows desktop. But there is still no permanent, comprehensive and convenient solution.

Google and Microsoft have been neglecting this area for years, and are now working on appropriate solutions that they want to strengthen their own desktop operating systems. Microsoft is trying Android apps for Windows 11 But it seems to be getting into unexpected problems. Google is working on such a solution, but wants to bring Android apps to Chrome OS instead of Windows. The target group is small, but in the long run, running Android well on the desktop will become a very important argument.

Interestingly, both companies work not only on different target operating systems, but also on different solutions. Both certainly have their pros and cons, however it is currently difficult to predict which of these two variants will be the best in the long run. As often happens, you may meet somewhere in the middle.

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Stream Android Apps to Chrome OS
Chrome OS has been running Android apps for many years, but it has always been done independently of the smartphone, and accordingly has its own infrastructure, including the Play Store. With the new Eche solution, you’ll want to be able to stream apps directly from your Android smartphone to your Chromebook. Related evidence can be found in many applications, and it is expected that this feature will soon be active for many Pixel smartphones.

Google wants to stream Android apps to Chrome OS

Run Android Apps on Windows 11
Microsoft wants to establish Windows as a new Android platform. To do this, Android apps will work natively, they will work with Amazon to create a complete app store as possible and want to equate Android apps with Android apps. However, you have to do without Google, so the Windows Phone issue of that time can now be transferred back to Windows, despite having a lot of apps to choose from: no need for Google Apps, Play Store or Google Play Services.

Microsoft wants to bring Android apps to the Windows desktop

Which variant succeeds?
So Google wants to stream apps, while Microsoft wants to run them locally. One would instinctively say that Microsoft’s approach is good – but it doesn’t have to be. The desktop form factor is very different from a smartphone. Without proper settings in the apps, it always seems like someone is using the “wrong” operating system. Google overcame this and relied on the Android Auto variant, but desktop users relied on the smartphone. Obvious flaw in the paper. However, the future of the app belongs to streaming, and in 99% of cases the user’s smartphone should always be available while running on the laptop …

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Which solution do you prefer? Team Google or Team Microsoft?

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