Android: New Google App ‘Google Wi-Fi Provisioner’ Launched on Play Store for All Smartphones


operating system Android Being more modular, more and more system apps are extracted and brought to the Play Store โ€“ which has some advantages. Google just released a new app that comes pre-installed on all smartphones and can be updated via the Play Store: Google Wi-Fi Provisioner manages Wi-Fi connections.

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Android’s increasingly modular structure makes it easy to transfer many system components at the app level and update them via the Google Play Store. If an extensive operating system update was previously required, a rollout via the Play Store will suffice. It has been implemented for many apps in recent years, and now there is another one available on the Google Play Store for a few days now.

Application is the new app Google Wi-Fi Commissions, their true mission is largely unclear, but sounds pretty interesting from the name alone. The app is now out in version 1.2.480746471, which is the first publicly available variant and is a few minor versions higher than the variant that comes pre-installed on Pixel 7 smartphones. This means there should be minor changes.

Such an application is certainly not designed for end users, but performs its task entirely at the system level. This is already evident from the fact that there is no reasonable app description, logo or meaningful screenshots. Everything is very basic or placeholders are provided. Just look at the screenshot below.

Google WiFi Commissions

Deployment and management of Wi-Fi network configurations.

The app description is very short, but it is also available in German. Now one might expect this app to manage saved Wi-Fi credentials or retrieve a list of public networks from Google servers. However, this cannot be confirmed or denied because the action is unclear despite the description. However, this is one application that could benefit from timely updates.

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Perhaps possible changelogs will tell us a bit more in the future, and the frequency of updates can sometimes provide information about what’s happening in the background. For a newly launched and nondescript app, over a billion installs is certainly not bad ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Google Wi-Fi Commissions
Google Wi-Fi Commissions

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