Android: 9 free online courses for you to learn how to program and design applications

Android: 9 free online courses for you to learn how to program and design applications
Android courses are available to learn how to design apps. (Photo: MU Community)

A new year has begun In addition, a series of online courses offered by universities around the world are being updated. Others we already know have been added to the 2022 catalog, so if you missed some of them last year, you’ll get a new chance this January.

You will find courses of 2 to 10 weeks in various disciplines Learn programming and application design. Now that the year has begun, it is time to find some new solutions, one of which is to take a course related to it. Android.

If this is your case, Infobae has collected several different levels that share two key points: They are free and in Spanish.

Free Android Online Courses

We already know that January is a month of personal pursuits, one of which is to study for a master’s degree, a short course, a career, language, music, and more.

Regardless of your level, if you decide to take an Android programming course, here are 9 recommendations that are free and taught in Spanish, as we mentioned at the beginning:

1. Android: Introduction to Programming from Polytechnic University, Valencia edX: In addition to knowing the basic concepts of Android application development, You can design an app for store photos, geolocation, and reviews Or other data.

2. Android Development: Essential Architecture, LinkedIn Learning: This course shows its importance Android Application Architecture, Its basic concepts and best practices when accessing the view model, retrofit and room.

3. Programming using Java for Android applications, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico Our ser: Not just for you to learn the basics Programming using Java, And also learn how to install it Get ready for Android Studio.

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4. Introduction to Programming Using AppInventor, For Ergo sum program: In this introductory online course, You will learn how to use the AppInventor tool, Created by the software development environment Google To develop Android applications.

5. Development of mobile applications, Complutions University, Madrid Activate Google: With this Google course You will learn the basic skills and ideas for creating applications for mobile devices, Not just for Android But for IOS.

6. Create apps using Android Studio Udemi: In addition to installing and configuring a complete development environment using Android Studio, you can also learn about plug-ins and shortcuts, and Try the apps in the browser Simulators with different characteristics.

7. Basic course for Android, for Devcode: With this basic course You can create your first app for Android, Learn about layout, text view, edit text, image view, button types, Java intro, countdown timer and comparison method.

8. Basics of Android, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico Course: In this course, you will learn how to install the Android Studio Development Environment through hand-on exercises, You will learn to use the tools provided by Android to develop mobile applications.

9. Become an Android Developer LinkedIn Learning: Will learn Create mobile apps for Android phones and tablets The most widely used programming languages ​​are used.

Android logo.  (Photo: Dado Ruvik)
Android logo. (Photo: Dado Ruvik)

Recommendations for customizing your Android device for free

At this point, we give you a guide Options to fully customize your Android mobile Without activating the root or making any other in-depth changes Tool.

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1. Wallpaper

This is one of the first steps you can take to customize your Android Change the wallpaper to the one you like. To do this, follow these steps:

Sign in Setting From Android. Inside, click on the section Screen. Tap Styles and wallpapers.

If your manufacturer does not have an option with that name, Look for the option that refers to the word wallpaper Or search tool in Android settings to find it.

When you choose an image that you want to set as your wallpaper, you can do two different things:

– Set it as Wallpaper on startup, Which is the Android desktop.

– Use image for this Home, lock screen.

Wallpaper on Android.  (Photo: Xataka)
Wallpaper on Android. (Photo: Xataka)

2. Add widgets to the screen

Android widgets are small windows that can be placed on your desktop in addition to the usual icons.

Should Hold down the mobile screen Click on the option Widgets When a menu or edit window appears, it may vary by manufacturer and customization class.

Widgets on Android.  (Photo: WW What's New)
Widgets on Android. (Photo: WW What’s New)

This will take you to a screen where you can see the different widgets available in each application that are different and dependent on them. Therefore, in the opinion of the developers, You will see some styles or not at all and will always show you the grids that contain each one.

Now, grab it and select the one you want to place.

Moving them is similar in applications and in some cases, You can also resize them to fit the design you want to achieve.

Widgets Personalization Android.  (Photo: Andro4all)
Widgets Personalization Android. (Photo: Andro4all)

To complete customizing your Android device, Enter this link To read the other 4 essential tips.

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