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Andacet Global Provides Professional Gaming-Seat Solutions with Fandatic E-Sports Team

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Shenzhen, China, November 18, 2020 / PRNewswire / – AndaSeat, the world’s leading gaming chair brand, has previously built BMW & race car seats Mercedes Benz, Fanatic Partners and offers professional gaming-seat solutions to all gaming chair users.

As part of a global partnership project, AndaSite and Fanatic Yellow and Orange share the same brand colors, attracting this brand of color to the side tapes and chair handles, making the chair body a professional and elegant black. The Andasite Fanatic Edition is a combination of AndaSite and Fanatic designed with the new logo of Phoenix. This chair becomes the exclusive throne in the daily training of team members.

Decorated with 65 kg / m3 cold-cured and high-density foam, the Andesite Fanatic version offers all the major support for the spine during long gaming sessions, providing good support to help maintain the look even when sitting for long periods of time. . Double pillows can be adjusted to support the lumbar and cervical spines at the same time, allowing gamers to easily stabilize the chair. In this pandemic situation it really helps to improve the seating experience and physical health of the gamers as it encourages everyone to stay at home and stay safe. With a lockable synchronous-tilt mechanism and special Z-shape design, the chair can carry more weight than standard systems, allowing it to tilt at an angle of 160 degrees and lock users when not in rocking mode.

The backrest is completely free and adjustable, which reduces strain on the neck and back, while the 4DPU-wrapped, customizable armrest allows for a wide variety of adjustments in width and height to better support the wrists and arms. The chair utilizes AndaSeat’s smooth bonded, scratch, stain-resistant technology, and high-density one-piece foam that counters to the user’s shape, and with a steel frame precisely built for the ultimate sitting experience.

The chair is made of luxurious PVC leather with a soft touch of top grain leather. Using the same materials previously used in racing car seats made by Andazite. They offer smooth bonded, scratch and stain resistant technology. It is easier to clean and stronger.

Andyseat Design ‌ User Shape രൂപ Forms a piece of thick and high density foam. The removable oversized headrest pillow and waist pillow provide spine and neck support and offer comfortable seating even after prolonged gaming. Precisely constructed, high quality, 22mm diameter steel frame covered by a lifetime warranty. Only the best 2mm thick seamless steel is used to ensure that each computer chair will stand the test of time.

Safety of furniture products has always been a priority, and to provide the best comfort standard, each and every seat gaming chair is equipped with an SGS certified Class 4 hydraulic piston and world-class explosion-proof gas spring. It is more resistant, more stable and the best in the class in terms of stability, stability and safety.

Soulin, CEO and Founder of AndaSite commented, “Andyseat is proud to bring our aerospace technology to support young people’s vision of communicating with the world’s leading and foresighted brands at the World Championships.

The Andosite Fanatic Edition Aeronomic Gaming Chair is available from here Andasite Official Store. Get 10% off now.

You can see more information about the chair here Here.

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Andasite Fanatic Edition
Globally, AndaSite offers professional gaming-seat solutions with the FNATIC e-Sports Team

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