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An Italian family promotes revolutionaries across Ireland

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As the Forces enjoy the Rebels against Limerick in the All-Ireland Final in Corcoi-Croke Park, the Corkman certified Ricardo Rinaldi and family begin the festivities Sunday from their home in Mantua, northern Italy.

Mantua – or Mantua – as the locals know, is using Michelle Muircherte’s memorable phrase for the ancestral home of Cian Ag Hailpan in Fiji and Fermanagh, which is not exactly known as the “Fortress of Exception”, but should not be disturbed by Master Rinaldi, wife Christo, son (20).

Reynolds took the oath of office in 2009 after visiting West Cork when he saw Cork players playing on TV.

When they returned to Italy, they contacted Cork County Council and obtained tickets to Ireland that year against Kerry.

He befriended Gir Lane, former chairman of the County Cork’s board of directors, and his successor, Tracy Kennedy. .

Reynolds said it took a while to understand the exception and fall in love with them, but they returned to Croke Park for the 2013 All-Ireland Report when Claire finally picked up the rebel banner to snatch a tie. Seconds. Before the replay is going to succeed.

“At first it was easy for me to understand football, but now I’m very familiar with the throw, but I have to collect some of the finer details of the game, but you know I can follow it if you ‘re not in TG4, I can collect a few words like’ retourer ‘,’ slaughter ‘,’ s’, ‘Culin’ but nothing more.

Rinaldi, a football fan who has followed Fiorentina since childhood, now admits that he loves throwing and Gaelic football, when he wrote a message to Ms. Kennedy in July congratulating Italy on their victory in Europe.

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“I wrote to Tracy and told her I would be trading in Italy for Euros for Cork to win the Irish Cup – I’m been following Fiorentina since I was seven, although I’m 200 years away, but I’m disappointed in the sport. I ‘m professional,” he said.

“Good thing about an adventure … you can see the boys on the street the next day, they’re still your friends – I’ve seen so many players and managers over the years … they’re all so friendly, they ‘re not looking at you patiently on another planet.”

Rinaldi, a chemical engineer, admits that he’s not just an Italian, he now says “we” when he talks about Cork. His passion for revolutionaries has been avoided by any of his friends as he informs them of the latest fortunes of Cork’s bombers and footballers.

“Everyone here, my former school, university and my colleagues, I think everyone knows that I follow these two strange sports that were only played in Ireland – I think there’s no one here who never dies in Mantua, my stories of cork football and throwing, just kidding.

“They didn’t understand the launch, but I show them the very famous video of Darmoid O’Sullivan with a huge success from Limerick and the point he scored after that, ‘This is a launch – is there a better sport than this.? ? ‘Even the most skeptical men say,’ You may be right. ‘

So what, Sunday? Does this give the rebels any chance?

I would say it’s 60/40 for Limerick – I know every analyst says it’s Limerick’s favorite, but I disagree – we have a serious chance, we started to decline, but we’re down against Kilkenny, it’s like it happened, so I think the team is working well.

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“You know, sometimes they say an All-Ireland team should win, so even if they don’t win this year, I’ll try to be positive. This team has good potential, but I’m confident – like all corks, we’re happy, and we’re quietly celebrating with a good bottle of Forsyth Cork wine!”

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