An Israeli balloon becomes the world’s first measurable and affordable way to capture carbon

An Israeli balloon becomes the world's first measurable and affordable way to capture carbon

The High Hope Lab, based in central Israel, aims to collect 1,000 metric tons of balloons per day.

An Israeli company develops special balloons to capture carbon, providing the world’s first affordable and measurable system. This will capture carbon from the atmosphere.

The race is on to reduce the use of greenhouse gases and the burning of fossil fuels, both of which pollute the air.. Another goal is to remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it somewhere for a long time.

Last month, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change confirmed that the world’s step-by-step approach to achieving the Paris Agreement’s climate goals is important.. For them, governments and companies promised to adhere to the Net Zero Emission Plan.

According to Nadav Mansdorf, CEO of High Hope Labs, half of greenhouse gases are absorbed by nature each year.. Thanks to humanity, the rest will have to be eliminated to keep pace with climate change.

“Carbon freezes at minus 80 degrees Celsius (minus 112 degrees Fahrenheit)”Mansdorf explained. “We can find that temperature 15 kilometers (nine miles) above the Earth.”.

On the other hand, When a balloon is inflated with a hydrogen-filled payload, the carbon contained in it is separated and stored in a kind of freezer compartment.. The weight of the carbon then brings the balloon back to Earth, where carbon dioxide turns into gas as the solid carbon goes down.

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With a travel time of two hours, it sells carbon dioxide to the plastics manufacturing process, up to the manufacture of carbonated beverages. “The important thing is that we know it works”Mansdorf added. The first milestone to think about in 2023 is to catch 50 to 300 kilograms. The second “A game changer, the numbers show that we can do it. We can capture one metric ton (2,205 pounds) of carbon per balloon per day..

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