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An important learning curve for nursing homes over the past 7 months

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The National Public Health Emergency Team says there have been six new outbreaks of Kovid-19 in nursing homes in the past month.

The latest figures were announced last night.

Adding to the news that there are 30 confirmed Kovid-19 cases in two nursing homes in Donegal and Laois, many are questioning whether the virus is affecting nursing homes as it did in March.

The last seven months have been a major learning curve for the community and especially the nursing home sector.

Anne Byrne, Kovid manager at Sonas Nursing Home in Ko Karlov, says she has developed a large amount of knowledge since March.

“It came out of the blue. People thought it was a cold, but no.”

In March, Nursing Homes Ireland reiterated its focus on personal care equipment, staffing, and testing of nursing home settings.

This time, it’s different.

CEO Tadg Daly says people have more control and better ability to deal with this situation.

Daly commented that the area continues to be in the tenderhooks over the summer.

However, he says caution should be exercised throughout the community.

The increase in Kovid-19 cases in nursing homes is due to community transmission.

Warning flags have been hoisted, including by the Chief Medical Officer.

Dr. Tony Holohan expressed concern in a letter to the government last Sunday about cases in nursing homes.

Kovid-19 in the community will always enter nursing homes, says Professor Sean Kennelly, a consultant physiotherapist and geriatric and stroke medicine consultant at Talag University Hospital in Dublin.

“In order to suppress Kovid in nursing homes, you have to suppress it within the community, which prompts us to take all the precautions we have heard before.”

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During the months of March and April, Prof. Sreedharan spoke about the impact of the virus on nursing homes. Kennelly learned.

The difference now is that testing and testing availability and turnaround have improved.

“We know about the asymptomatic spread. In a previously published study, we found that 27% of nursing home staff and 25% of staff were asymptomatic. We are now able to detect them through extensive testing,” he said.

The HSE Chief Clinical Officer said that nursing homes have multiple admissions. Colm Henry said last week.

According to Professor Kennelly, community broadcasting was essential as the children on the staff reopened to schools and communities in the coming months.

Globally, he says, there is no evidence that visitors have brought the virus into nursing homes.

Professor Kennelly says staff may not travel from nursing home to nursing home as they used to, but there are staff with partners who work in other high-risk areas.

In the opinion of Thadg Daly, it is appropriate to exercise caution among officials.

He points out that the Health Information and Quality Authority and the Kovid-19 Oriyachas Committee have approved the Trojan activity.

Level 3 controls are now in place, with the goal of keeping the virus at bay and keeping it within existing settings.

Level 3 But window visits are only allowed in nursing homes, and indoor visits are not allowed.

Some nursing homes do not allow window visits because they say it can upset or upset residents – especially those with intellectual disabilities.

In those settings, nursing homes emphasize the need to communicate through technology.

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Professor Kennelly says visits are important because it is a vulnerable group that needs their family.

“As long as we want to protect them, we need to make sure they have a standard of living. It cannot be traded against one or the other.”

There are several factors to consider.

First, the overall increase in community transmission will allow the virus to enter nursing homes – and it did.

The kids are back in school, and the staff is more in the community.

The two-week Kovid-19 test shows a number of asymptomatic cases, according to Nursing Homes Ireland.

Concerned about the increase in cases, Dr. As Holohan mentioned in a letter to the government last Sunday.

The cases are on the rise. However, awareness of the virus has increased in the medical field and in nursing homes.

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