An extraordinary discovery from Canada of a gold coin that predates the arrival of Christopher Columbus!

An extraordinary discovery from Canada of a gold coin that predates the arrival of Christopher Columbus!

Oldest gold coin of English origin found in Canada The information was conveyed through a press release from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador published in early November 2022. News that questions Canadian historians and represents the brains of professional numismatists in a boiling region. A new date of English arrival in Canada, or a clueless immigrant simply lost a piece In consequence ?

Discovery of a person ashore, under unspecified circumstances Official press release, the gold coin surprises as much as it questions. This noble quarter was built by Henry VI between 1422 and 1427. But the date of arrival of the English is later. In the past, the area should be said Natives live Already visited. Especially where the Vikings set up temporary campsAnsAns 1021 CE in the Meadows.

John Cabot arrives on the payroll of England in 1497

In 1497, The the navigatorthe navigator Venetian-born Jean Cabot arrives in the region. During that time, he worked for King Henry VII of England, and his arrival marked the history of local exploration. In the decades that followed, other Westerners would also sail in the region, and knowledge of the region would always advance the sixteenth century.E century But the opposite is true Des Vikings In their temporary camps, the latter decide to settle permanently, which has ramifications for the indigenous population.

Who were the French pioneers in Canada?

It must be said that the local waters were considered very attractive because they were abundant with large cod as well. Whales to fish. Many arguments led Western fishermen to cross the Atlantic to take advantage of these fish-rich waters. On one hand, the foreigners who decided to stay there and on the other hand, the fishermen SaisonSaison of the sinthe sin. A perilous journey from which many never return.

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How will this coin reach coastal areas?

This is a question that intrigues experts in the field. In 2021, a silver coin minted between 1493 and 1499 was found at the historic site. Cupid’s Cove Plantation, A site dating back to 1610. The hypothesis of a piece preserved for several generations, lost by one of the site’s residents, is still favored by archaeologists today. As for the site Cupid’s Cove PlantationThere is a context — since archaeological excavations began in 1995 — as much as this new gold coin, we know almost nothing about the environment of its discovery.

A secret discovery area

No exact information has been circulated about where the currency was found. Although it is now known that it was found on the coast, no details were given in the press release. A decision to limit possible illegal research and above all to allow consideration of future surveys and possible excavations of the site in the future. Now, so do archaeologists HistoriansHistorians Locals cannot comment on the reasons for the presence of such a coin, which was clearly not in circulation when it was lost.

The chronology of Western arrivals in Canada remains a highly sensitive topic in research circles, and archeology is gradually helping to better understand the events and population movements of those who settled there. A useful archeological study to better understand exchanges and relationships with indigenous peoples during these times.

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