An epic crossover conceived by a comic book artist

An epic crossover conceived by a comic book artist

Way Alexander Manzio

What if Captain America challenges Superman? Or did Iron Man decide to fight Batman? It was fun for an artist to make the dream of many comic book fans come true: to imagine a crossover between the heroes of Marvel and the heroes of DC!

During the lockdown he makes a Marvel-DC crossover

Stephen Byrne, an Irish cartoonist living in the United States, was imprisoned. He lives in Washington State and had to obey government orders. Instead of getting bored, he could have had the opportunity to review the entire MCU (ranking of the best movies here) or start the Batman Movies Marathon … where we now categorize the Dark Knight’s best performance. No, the designer took the opportunity Create crossovers between DC and Marvel !

Marvel vs DC, is the discussion finally over?

The graphic pav of the artist is recognizable and provides his drawings A modern look that will be appreciated by all superhero fans. There was a lot of discussion in the comments to his posts: Team Marvel The team claimed that their characters were the strongest during the season DC Comics Not budgeted: The presence of someone like Superman who can rely on incredible costumes is enough to overcome any resistance … If the clash between the two teams has already taken place, fans are still waiting to see such a thing happen in theaters, according to this MCU star it is not impossible. To wait, Here is the incredible Marvel / DC crossover conceived by Stephen Byrne:

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