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An asteroid, half a giraffe, crashed off the coast of Iceland

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An asteroid landed on the coast of Iceland 10 days ago. Within two hours of being discovered by astronomers, a celestial body crashed, the Daily Mail reports.

The space rock called 2022 EB5 is believed to have burned into the atmosphere above Iceland, but it would not have been damaged if it had crashed on our surface, because it is only 3 meters wide – half a giraffe.

Some residents said they heard a huge crash or saw a light in the sky at 1822km / h in 2022 EB5 between Greenland and Norway.

The proposed Cosmic Rock is the fifth asteroid to be discovered before landing on Earth.

The first was an 80-tonne, 4.1-meter-wide object that exploded in the Nubian Desert in Sudan in October 2008, the 2008 TC3. The asteroid later discovered 600 meteorites.

In 2014, the asteroid 2014 AA crashed into the Earth’s atmosphere above Venezuela, and 2018 LA fell 4 years later, leaving debris near the border between Botswana and South Africa.

Two years ago, a fourth asteroid, 2019 MO, was observed before landing on Earth, causing a catastrophic eruption equal to 5 kilotons off the southern coast of Puerto Rico.

The last 2022 EB5 was discovered two hours before landing in Earth’s atmosphere. He was discovered by the Hungarian astronomer Christian Scharneki.

“It was a small rock, reflecting only light from the sun – difficult to identify,” said Dr. John H. Snyder, an astronomer at the Weissman Research Institute. David Polishuk said.

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“The strike did not cause any damage, it fell into the sea between Norway and Iceland. But imagine that a few hours ago it was likely to crash in Russia. Given the military crisis there, will Russia recognize it as an asteroid or rocket and shoot it with its own missiles? The astronomer continued.

The last major asteroid impact was in 2013 when a 19-meter-wide object exploded in Chelyabinsk, Russia. About 1,600 people were injured at the time, and there was other damage from the collision.

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