An amateur successfully recreates the flight and landing of a SpaceX rocket!

La Scout F vient de réaliser son premier atterrissage avec succès. ©

In the United States, a self-taught hobbyist recreated the launch and landing of a miniature Falcon 9 launcher. A seven-year apprenticeship that started from nothing, punctuated by several failures.

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[EN VIDÉO] Falcon 9’s launch, successful return for the sixth time: a record!
The launch of Falcon 9 from SpaceX and its sixth successful return: a record!

In 2015, Joe Barnard knew nothing about aeronautics or programming. This resident of Los Angeles, United States, challenged himself to achieve a feat Rocket A reusable miniature model of Falcon 9 of society SpaceX. Through persistence, fruitless trials and many errors, the autodidact was able to land the Scout F rocket for the first time on July 24.

The first pictures of this shoot and this return to Earth have now been broadcasted on the YouTube account Joe Barnard. The enthusiast even created his own company Barnard Propulsion Systems ( to share its progress and develop real professional projects around rockets. He now lives off his endorsements, exclusive online store, and advertising revenue spread His videos on YouTube.

Here’s the launch and return of Joe Barnard’s Scout F miniature rocket. In his video, the autodidact shows how he was able to win his bets by learning from his experiences. © YouTube

Meat Rocket?

On the site, Joe Barnard explains that he has a university education in music production. Studies are far from over Space. Wanting to work in this field, he took this challenge to try to get a job SpaceX Trying to impress them with his scale model.

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Now, this enthusiast’s launches are limited in height, but he wants to launch his rocket into space sub-orbit, which is about 100 km high. He is currently working on a large rocket model, christened with the strange name Meat Rocket, which means meat rocket… When asked why he used such a name, Joe Barnard replies that he has no clue, but this project is crazy. .

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