An air supply system in the RSS failed – BGR

An air supply system in the RSS failed - BGR
  • The oxygen supply system of the Russian half of the International Space Station failed on Wednesday.
  • The crew is safe for the second half of the spacecraft’s US oxygen system.
  • Repairs to the oxygen system will be made today.

There are some things you need to do while you are in space. They are the same things you need on earth, really, like air, water and food that you can breathe, but since you are completely separated from the ground below, you rely on different systems to ensure that these vital things are available.

The International Space Station regularly distributes air, food, and water. Although water can be reused, it sometimes needs to be bypassed and food is not reusable. The air, or more precisely the oxygen, needs to be delivered regularly, and the machines ensure that there is good oxygen in the air so that the employees remain healthy and alert. Failure of the air supply is very serious and requires immediate attention That is what is happening now In the Russian half of the RSS.

Russia’s Roscosmos space agency on Wednesday evening revealed that the oxygen supply in the Sweda module was not working properly, according to a new report. Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft fills a six – man ISS with six crew members as soon as it arrives at the space station to deliver three new scientists.

Roscosmos insists the oxygen supply system is faulty but the crew is safe. This is because the US part of the orbital laboratory has a special oxygen delivery system and the hardware works as intended. However, oxygen depletion is very important, and it becomes a priority for the crew.

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The Russian spacecraft’s oxygen supply system will be repaired today, the report said. Given the nature of Roscosmos’ statement, this group does not seem to be overly concerned.

On the small good news, a disturbing air leak in the RSS may eventually be isolated. After weeks of testing and monitoring, NASA and Roscosmos determined that the leak was somewhere in the Sweden module – the same module where the oxygen supply system failed. Now, thanks to a teabag, the crew believes they have found exactly where the leak is. Yes, a teabag.

By allowing a teabag to flow in the zero-gravity condition of the module, the scientists were able to see where the bag had moved. This ultimately led them to the source of the leak.

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