Amy Adams Dissentant offers ‘a lot’ of song and dance

Amy Adams Dissentant offers 'a lot' of song and dance

Expect to sing and dance “a lot more” Disappointed, Disney’s upcoming sequel Happy. Set to release on Disney + in 2022, the next sequel brings back Amy Adams as Giselle, the live action version of your typical Disney princess. This time the actress seems to have enjoyed more than filming the original movie.

Recently, Adams appeared Tonight’s show with Jimmy Fallon. During the interview, the topic was this Disappointed, Completed filming in the summer. Amy Adams She confirmed that “everyone” who starred with her had joined her HappyBut they praise newcomer Maya Rudof as a new rival. Maintenance:

“We filmed it in Ireland. Everyone is back. We also have some great additions to the cast. We have Maya Rudolph. She plays the “bad guy” so we can have a lot of fun together. “

The sequel brings back a number of returning stars, including Patrick Dempsey as Robert, James Marsden as Prince Edward, and Idina Mensall as Nancy. However, at least one role has been recreated since Gabriela Baldachino replaced Rachel Covey with an older version of Robert’s daughter Morgan. White Nicole Brown, Jayma Mays and Oscar Nunes joined Maya Rudolph in new roles.

There is also a huge change that people are constantly seeing. According to Amy Adams, Disappointed Includes more song and dance, which really humiliated the actress. It’s been a long time since the original was filmed Happy, Adams found that getting around like Giselle was not as easy as it used to be. As Adams explains:

“There are a lot of songs and a lot of dances, and it was a lesson in humility. Finally I danced there until I could dance, I was 20, I’m not 20 now. It’s different in my 40s. , ‘Oh, it’s nothing.’ “

Brigitte Hales, Richard Lagravanes, Scott Newstadder, Michael H. Adam Shankman is directing with a screenplay co-written by Weber. Produced by Amy Adams with Barry Josephson and Barry Sonnfeld. Continuing for more than a decade, this release had many directors and writers for years before it finally got the green light.

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At one point, Shankman was going to direct another major sequel to Disney +. He was at the helm Focus Focus 2 For the streamer, but his commitments Disappointed It means he was forced to resign. Shankman is still in the film as executive producer, but Ann Fletcher has announced that he will be directing the film. The sequel is one of Disney +’s most anticipated releases.

Disappointed It will arrive at Disney + in 2022. The official release date has not been announced yet. Strangely, the original Happy Its sequel is a Disney + exclusive but not currently streaming.

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