AMLO’s security sources are zero – Uno TV

AMLO's security sources are zero - Uno TV

About 400 teachers from the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) blocked the president’s transfer Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador To the place where he is going to hold his morning meeting this Friday at Thuxtla Gutierrez in Chiapas.

Members of Section 7 of the Magisterium They asked for a dialogue table from Lopez Obrador Back to school, to touch on topics like the status of places.

AMLO was released two hours later We were able to enter at 8:12 p.m. To the headquarters of the VII Military Region of Textla Gutierrez.

It was revealed in the first instance that the president would stay in his truck for two hours No resources are available for your security, Says Javier Oliva.

I think there is a very important risk, because at any moment the spirits of the crowd can overflow, and the human resources available for the security of the President of the Republic, as we have now seen, are clearly inadequate.

Dr. Javier Oliva | Expert in National Security and Armed Forces issues

The fact, he confirms, reminds me of duties and commissions Presidential General Staff, Precisely his main goal was the care and protection of the President, his physical integrity and family

Especially in Mexico, which, like most countries on the American continent, including the United States, has political regimes, The form of the president is the criterion for the functioning of a system, but also for political stability.

Javier thinks of Oliva A handful, effectively this is not a way to request a conversation or agreement. But on the other hand, in practice, the temporary retention of the President of the Republic, This makes us think of other situations where a similar situation might arise. That’s what you should avoid.

The security of AMLO has been compromised

It is very important to protect the honesty of the President of Mexico, Someone must have the necessary human and technical resources to avoid a situation similar to that experienced at Chiapas, but What went wrong with the president’s security?

Javier did more than just mention Oliva National Intelligence Center, The security of Rutilio Escondon’s government also failedBecause, knowing the local issues, they did not accurately warn the president’s convoy.

Its power also failed Assistantship Andres adapted the manual because he was a candidate, but it was That is not enough Compared to what previous leaders had through the Presidential General Staff.

Today, fortunately, except for the attack adopted by the truck, it has not become obsolete, and the truck, which appears in the video recording, was defaced with the initials of the National Coordinator of Education Workers.The president’s account was not disrespected.

Dr. Javier Oliva | Expert in National Security and Armed Forces issues

The failure of the president’s security will continue to be a lesson, and two hours and minutes of great tension as a definite goal to correct and avoid what was experienced at Chiapas this Friday.

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