American WWII ship found in Philippines | The world

American WWII ship found in Philippines |  The world

The wreckage of a U.S. Navy ship was found during an expedition USA The ship was wrecked during World War II, at a depth of 6,500 meters off the coast Philippines, Informed a team member on Sunday (4).

“We made the deepest dive in history to find the wreckage of the USS Johnston,” said Victor Veskovo, founder of Calden Oceanic, the American company that directed the submarine that discovered the ship.

During the two-hour dive, which lasted eight hours at the end of March, the team was able to photograph, photograph and study the wreckage in front of Summer Island, said Calden Oceanic, a company specializing in underwater technologies.

March 31, 2021 image showing the remains of USS Johnston – Photo: Calden Oceanic / Video AFP

The 115-meter-long destroyer sank in the Gulf of Late War on October 25, 1944, marking the beginning of the end of Japan, one of the largest naval battles in history.

Other explorers discovered it in the Philippine Sea in 2019, but most of the ship was not available for any equipment.

“Two-thirds of us at the front of the ship are at a depth of 6,456 meters. The three of us inspected the two submarines and paid tribute to its brave crew,” Weskovo said.

USS Johnston, US ship photographed off the coast of the Philippines on March 31, 2021 – Photo: Calden Oceanic / AFP

Of the ship’s 327 crew members, only 141 survived, the U.S. Navy Archives said.

The bow and arrow and the center were found intact during the exploration. The number “557” is still clearly visible.

Two towers, a torpedo reserve point and several artillery supports can also be seen on the trip.

See the 2019 report on the sinking of the Titanic.

New images of the Titanic show that the ship is rapidly collapsing

Parks Stephenson, a navigator and exploration historian, pointed out that 75 years ago, the wreckage of a ship could be seen in the wreckage of that fierce battle.

“The Japanese Imperial Navy, the largest warship ever built, expelled him from the Yamato warship and shot him violently,” Stephenson said.

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