AMD acknowledges USB issues with 500 Series boards

AMD acknowledges USB issues with 500 Series boards

Many owners of motherboards with AMD 500 series chipsets regularly complain about USB disconnection, which can cause keyboards, peripherals, storage devices, or VR headsets to lose contact with the PC.

The VR headset paired with a powerful graphics card equipped with the PCI-E4.0 interface has been proven to be an easy way to recreate the problem. Specific options such as switching to PCI-E3.0 mode or disabling C-states in UEFI do not resolve the failure, but do reduce the frequency of its occurrence.

AMD 500 Series

AMD acknowledges this problem and asks users to collect statistics for an early solution in the future. The main discussion is ongoing Reddit the network… Below is a statement from the chip maker about the above defect.

AMD knows a few user publications about intermittent USB connectivity issues with the 500 series chipsets. We are analyzing the root cause and would like to ask the community to help organize additional hardware configurations. Over the next few days, some users of the r / Amd thread may be contacted directly by an AMD representative (u / AMDOfficial) via PM’s Reddit system for more information.

This request may include detailed hardware configurations, troubleshooting steps, specific OS event logs, and other system information relevant to our efforts. We will provide updated information when the issue becomes available. Customers who find it difficult to submit an online request for AMD support are always encouraged; This allows us to interact with and compare individual device failures.

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