Amazon Prime Video in January 2021, today “Fort”

Amazon Prime Video in January 2021, today "Fort"

Do you feel like it’s time for a relaxing movie evening or the next long series marathon? Streaming services like Amazon Prime Video offer a lot of variety every month. We’ll tell you what new series, seasons, and films are opening this month, and give you an overview of the highlights you shouldn’t miss.

New in Amazon Prime Video: Highlights of January 2021

Each month, Amazon Prime Video publishes a list of upcoming highlights. This includes popular series formats starting in the new season, completely new series starting for the first time, as well as their own film productions or major blockbusters.

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  • Starting this month Blade Runner 2049 In the Amazon Prime video. Science fiction is a classic sequel to “Blade Runner” written by Ridley Scott since 1982.
  • One of the most popular afternoon series on TV is what many German viewers should know: “Scrubs”. Sitcom about some of the young doctors at Sacred Heart Hospital will be available in all nine seasons on Amazon Prime Video from January 4th.
  • It’s been going on since January 11th “American Goddess”, Season 3 continues. The series is based on the novel of the same name by author Neil Guyman, and deals with the old and new gods of mankind facing each other in America today.

All January highlights at a glance

Amazon Prime in January: All new series and seasons from January 1, 2021

Several new series or seasons will be launched each month on Amazon Prime Video. This includes so-called Amazon originals, i.e. in-production productions of video-on-demand provider and many other series formats. Here is a list of what’s new this month and from which days you can access the series:

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From January 4 on Amazon Prime:

From January 11 on Amazon Prime:

  • American Goddess, Staffle3
  • Magician, Staffle4

From January 15 on Amazon Prime:

  • James May: Oh Cook, Staffle 1

From January 21 on Amazon Prime:

From January 22 on Amazon Prime:

  • “Image.Power.Germany?”, Season 1
  • “El Sid”, Season 1
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks, Staffle 1

Amazon Prime in January: All new images from January 1, 2021

Amazon Prime Video can be especially proud of in movies. Hollywood blockbusters, in-production production or insider tip: Amazon adds new feature films for Prime subscribers almost every day. Current month news at a glance:

From January 1 on Amazon Prime:

  • Bridget Jones Baby
  • Easy girl

From January 2 on Amazon Prime:

  • Blade Runner 2049
  • Awakening

From January 3 on Amazon Prime:

  • Kingdom of Heaven

From January 5 on Amazon Prime:

From January 6 on Amazon Prime:

From January 7 on Amazon Prime:

  • The Wonderful Life of Walter Mitty

From January 9 on Amazon Prime:

  • Special Children’s Island

From January 11 on Amazon Prime:

From January 12 on Amazon Prime:

From January 13 on Amazon Prime:

From January 15 on Amazon Prime:

  • A night in Miami
  • The nearest spy

On Amazon Prime from January 16:

  • Weather with you – the girl who touched the sun
  • There is no place without you

From January 17 on Amazon Prime:

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

From January 19 on Amazon Prime:

  • Anderson Falls – A policeman by the side

On Amazon Prime from January 20:

From January 22 on Amazon Prime:

  • Spy – Susan Cooper Undercover
  • Robbie, Toby, Flyvott

From January 23 on Amazon Prime:

  • Water for elephants
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From January 25 on Amazon Prime:

  • The power of nature
  • pitch perfect
  • Pitch Perfect 2

From January 27 on Amazon Prime:

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