Amazon Prime Day 2020: How to Find the Best Technology Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2020: How to Find the Best Technology Deals

Other than that Black Friday And Cyber ​​Monday, Prime Day has become one of the biggest shopping moments of the year. Amazon Prime members can still find great prices on popular technology products such as games, gaming consoles, laptops, 4K TVs, phones, PC accessories and more. And Prime Day 2020 As the year draws to a close, this week will be a good time to grab some presents.

Of course, not all the best Prime Day 2020 deals exist on Amazon. Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and many other retailers will make competitive deals that you might want to know.

You can count on us to publish The best deals you need to know, But if you want to be one of the first people to know about the low cost of the products you are interested in, you may want to set up a price tracking site. Below we have included some of our favorite examples, pointing out how each can help to track deals a little differently with their own unique features.

They are all natural to use and once you have added the products you are interested in, you can easily relax knowing that you do not have to take any extra steps until it is time to buy.

CamelCamelCamel Amazon is the best tracker for products

Keeps track of the prices of all products sold on Amazon, and you can send alerts when they fall short. Once a product arrives at your fixed or lowest price, you will receive an email about it. This price tracker works Only For Amazon products, you need to use another one below to track the price movement on Walmart, Best Buy and others.

To track prices and receive alerts via email, you need to create a unique account. Also, I suggest installing The site’s browser browser extension, Also called Compaiser, which allows you to view product pricing trends by product and set the price you want without having to navigate from Amazon. It is stunning and easy to use.

When one of the products costs less than the amount set in your alert, you will receive an email instantly. If you already have a wishlist saved on Amazon, You can import it To CamelCamelCamel.

Like CamelCamelCamel, the Honey Bra browser extension can track the price of the items you are interested in, and it will notify you when it finds a deal. However, unlike the price tracking site above, Honey will check every site you visit for offer codes, which will save you more money by applying your checkout total.

Honey works with Amazon and many other retailers, and can add items to your “droplist,” which is basically just a wish list. For example, in Best Buy, the option to add an item to your list will appear in the image of the product, and you can select the pricing length and the percentage you are looking for.

Slick deals As its team and community of users find, it compiles some of the best deals on the internet. Its site also allows you to create deal alerts based on keywords, but they work a little differently Slick deals Than what is done on the sites above.

You can type in a product name, such as “Nintendo Switch” or a retailer name, and once it is added to your list, you will be notified of a deal alert if your criteria are met. You can set it to literally alert any deal related to your keyword, or you can filter the deals so the deal notifies you if it is sufficient to do so. Slick deals‘First page or if it has a high rating from the community.

As you like with the name ess, PC Part Picker helps you to select compatible PC components, which is already a tough task to separate a DIY PC setup together.

It makes itself a critical tool, but it is also an excellent price tracker, showing a detailed graph showing the current and previous movements in the price of a particular component. It allows you to build the PC of your dreams, and it can Notify you by email of discounts From big retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, NewGeg, B&H Photo and more. That way, you can choose to buy everything until that processor or graphics card comes at a lower price.

Look out for the Amazon

Prime Day is a big event that shows the retail presence of Amazon, so naturally other retail chains are paying attention. You can sometimes find great deals from Best Buy, Target, Walmart and NewGeg. We will be collecting the best Prime Day sales once they arrive. If you do not have everything you need on Amazon sales, or you want to make sure you get the best deal, do some shopping.

Trust the experts

We are a discriminating group here The Verge, So do not worry if you go to 2020 Prime Day without any preparation. We will connect the best deals on technology and keep our coverage up to date with new lightning sales items and avoid the old ones to avoid disappointment. So mark October 13th and 14th on your calendar, Bookmark our coverage, Start spending less money.

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