Amazon presents a series of original French movies and series

Amazon presents a series of original French movies and series

Amazon Prime Video has released a list of original French productions, including the theatrical series Cedric Clapish. Greek salad, A spin-off from his 2002 hit film The pot of luck (L’Auberge Espagnole), about a group of students from all over Europe living together in an apartment in Barcelona.

The new series follows the lives of the children of two real characters as they embark on a new adventure in Athens.

Kaplish co-produced the eight-episode drama with Lola Doylen and Antoine Garcio, both of which became hits on the Netflix show (as Clapish). Call my agent! The show is produced by Bruno Levy, producer of CQ Mi Meet Clapish, and credits include Guguin Yes Breathe.

This is one of the four new original productions that Amazon unveiled at an exhibition on Monday, March 22nd.

Featured films included Previous scene Laughing Poor thing Yes Celebrity hunting.

Previous scene This is the second Amazon original film made in France. A comedy with an element of time travel, it makes its directorial debut, starring Sophia Aram, Suzanne Clement, God Elmale and Sylvie Tested. Produced by Alain Goldman of Legend Films.

Other new originals include comedy series. Poor thing Co-written and created by the actress Bolsi girl Melha Bedia with Xavier Lockheed and Joan Gromb. It revolves around a woman who seeks meaning in life while exploring relationships with faith, love, work and family.

The eight-part series is being produced by production company Quadil Margox Marciano and Nicholas Duel Adazovsky.

In addition, the platform revealed that the cast of the Cold War thriller series includes Niels Schneider, Vera Kolsnikova, Jose Garcia, Lambert Wilson and Ana Girardot. Totems About a French scientist who spies for the French Secret Service and the CIA. It is being produced by Isabel D’Gorges, Arnaud de Cremeierus, Olivier Dujoules and Jerome Salle for Gummont and will be unveiled on the platform this year.

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“We have a lot of exciting ideas with talented French producers, writers, directors and actors,” said Georgia Brown, director of Amazon Original, a London – based Amazon studio based in London. “Today’s announcements are another step in our mission to present the most exciting French films and TV series to Prime members and to underline our commitment to invest significantly in France.”

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