Amazon Luna, Spherical Echo Speakers, Fire TV, A Flying Ring Camera and more: All new products announced this fall

Amazon Luna, Spherical Echo Speakers, Fire TV, A Flying Ring Camera and more: All new products announced this fall

Amazon surprised us with its new fall tools and service event Luna Cloud-Gaming Service, With expected updates to the range of Echo, Fire TV and Ring products. The event helps Amazon create a bus as we head into the holiday shopping season, for the first time, Prime Day. (Annual sales usually take place in July, but will begin on October 13 this year.) Privacy Concerns were the big storylines of 2019 for Ring and Alexa. In today’s life-existence, millions of people have been hiding for a long time, so the connected housing ideas that Amazon has been developing for years are more relevant than ever.

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The company’s Echo and Fire TV products will be the first to receive sustainability badges, and it works to reduce consumption across devices with the new low-power mode and Energy Dashboard integrated with Alexa. Amazon also pledged to build solar and wind farms to generate energy to match the consumption of all equipment.

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All announcements from Amazon’s Crazy Fall event



The company has launched a cloud gaming service on top of Amazon web services running on PCs, Fire TVs and iOS. There is a Luna Plus game channel with curated games, some of which are partnering with Amazon publisher Ubisoft for first day availability.

It has a custom $ 50 controller that connects directly to the cloud rather than a local device.

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It’s a custom controller that connects directly to the cloud, and Amazon claims that it can reduce round trip latency from 17 milliseconds to 30 ms, compared to a controller connected to a PC, Mac or Fire TV via Bluetooth.

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Designed in a new spherical shape and capable of adapting to the sound of the room, the fourth gen Echo includes the features of the previous Echo Plus. It’s also a bridge to Amazon’s sidewalk network, and includes neural network technology to accelerate Alexa.

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It gets the same redesign of the spherical Echo, but now features a stylish fabric cover and better speaker.


Spherical, with some child-friendly features, the children’s version includes child voice profiles and sidekicks that allow them to read Alexa.


It now has ZigBee and sidewalk hubs, which are quiet as it leads in your direction. For privacy, there is a built-in camera shutter, and all Echo devices have a command to review privacy settings and to “delete everything I said”. It also supports Hulu, Netflix and Prime Video.

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The Pro 6 is basically the same as the Ero 6, but is designed to handle up to 500 Mbps connections, up to high bandwidth – gigabytes.

Ring car products: $ 60- $ 200

Three new car centered ring products

Amazon / Screenshot Juan Garson / Cinet

Ring’s $ 200 Ring car com helps users to record traffic stops, collisions and other road events.

Debuting with Tesla, the $ 200 Connect uses the vehicle’s built-in external cameras to capture video of anything that happens to the car while driving or parking.

Finally, the Ring’s Car 60 car alarm is plugged into your car’s onboard diagnostic port and monitors vehicles with sound and accelerometer sensors and uses break-ins, tows or other events.

There are no product pages on Amazon yet, but we will add them here when they arrive.

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The ring combines a drone and a security cam for a flight …



This is similar to all new Fire TV sticks, but does not have remote integrated TV controls.

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Correction, September 24: The maximum resolution of the Fire TV stick is 1080p, not 4K as the previous version of this story said.

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Alexa, Amazon’s head of hardware, privacy, flying …


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