Amazon deletes “Vikings” finale – surprisingly responsive fans

Amazon deletes "Vikings" finale - surprisingly responsive fans

You can not see how things will continue in the “Vikings” final with Björn Eisseite on the Amazon video right now. Build: TM Television Productions Limited / T5 Vikings Productions Inc. / Canal + Series

The “Vikings” season final was simply eliminated – but not all fans had a problem with that

The Canadian-Irish series “Vikings” with a total of 89 episodes is divided into six seasons, making it one of the best streaming hits on Amazon Prime Video. The Viking Saga has aired on many different platforms in this country, for example most episodes are available on Netflix. For example, the fourth season’s exclusive German premiere starred on Amazon Prime Video.

But now the “Vikings” have a bad surprise for viewers: On December 30, 2020, the final episode of the sixth season went online on Amazon Prime Video – but the episodes are no longer available. However, some fans are not as sad as you think.

The “Vikings” were finally removed because of license rights

Curriculum Vitae: In the streaming area of ​​the online mailing service, it seems at first glance that you can watch the second part of the last “Vikings” season as usual. A preview image and description of the ten episodes are available, but with little hint “This video is currently unavailable” For some users, the series seems to have ruined the evening.

On Twitter, a viewer gets excited under an Amazon post that speaks with clear words about “Viking”: “If you’re kidding me, I asked! The last part of the day before we got there disappeared. Seriously annoying.”

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Amazon Prime Video has not warned that the episodes will be removed six months after their release. There were only a few replies to Twitter fan requests: “We are currently unable to offer Viking Season 6.2 for licensing reasons, but we & # 39; d glad to hear your request for a resume and get our fingers crossed.”, An Amazon employee recently said this in secret.

Now with a little clarity, the season part is said to be “included in Prime again at a later date”. The relaunch date is not yet known.

This is not the first time parts of “The Viking” have disappeared – the first part of the sixth season went on for a short time in August 2020, shortly after the extension of the license rights and the return without episodes.

Not all spectators are saddened by the disappearance of the final

After the first part of the sixth edition of “The Vikings”, as always, there were some bad cliffhangers – did Ragnar’s son, Jorgen Icyte, die in a great battle against the Russ Vikings? What happened to the shipbuilder Flocky that you could not see in the first part?

All the fans who wanted to take the time to clarify these questions are now looking into the tube. But for some users who have already seen the end result, it is unfortunate that the consequences have temporarily disappeared under Amazon Post. From a viewer it says:

For many, Ivor’s time with Russ is too much, and many scenes unnecessarily drag the plot. The advice for everyone who has never seen the part is from a Twitter user: “I do not know if you will save yourself too much. Keep the seasons 1 to 6.1 in memory, and believe that you will lose something good … Knowing that you will not lose is one of the many good things.”

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“The Vikings: Valhalla” eagerly awaits

The spin-off to “The Vikings” is currently being eagerly awaited, with Netflix calling the production “Vikings: Valhalla”, which takes place 100 years after the end of the original series. The sequel is currently expected to launch in early 2022, and the first impressions of the set are already available on “Geeked Week”.

The creator of “The Vikings” indicated that he would see some familiar faces in “Valhalla” – despite the numerous time jumps. The plot revolves around Icelandic explorer Leif Eriksson, his sister Friedis, and King Harald III of Norway. Hardrod and William the Conqueror. Ericsson is said to be the first European to set foot in North America.

There will also be a reference to the film “Vikings” with William the Conqueror, who is considered to be the successor to Ragnar’s brother Rolo, who was able to establish a foothold and rule in French Normandy.


“Vikings”: Flocky’s worst act is crueler than expected

Shipbuilder Flocky traveled a long way in the “Vikings”. Ragnar’s most loyal friend, he quickly became a fan favorite, but at times the dark side of the character also became apparent. In his third season, Flocky killed a monk named Ethelstan because he believed he had badly influenced Ragnar.

Series showrunner Michael Hearst spoke to “Express” about the incident and Flockie’s development. As he reveals, affect …

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