Amazing Scientists (Photo) – UNIAN

Amazing Scientists (Photo) - UNIAN

Scientists still do not know what causes X-rays on the planet.

X-ray uranium seems unusual / NASA / CXO / University College London / W. Don

Astronomers have discovered X-rays emitted by Uranus.

Part of the signal may be reflected by the sun’s radiation, but part of it appears to be from the planet

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Many objects in the Solar System emit X-rays, from Venus and Saturn to Jupiter’s moons.

Scientists have discovered the presence of X-rays from Uranus, which are higher than expected from the simple scattering of solar radiation.

Researchers do not deny that part of the X-rays they saw were from Uranus. For example, X-rays may come from the auroras of Uranus, as they do on Jupiter. However, scientists do not yet know what causes aurora borealis.

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