Amazing! Russian cosmonaut records Orange halo around Earth: video

Amazing!  Russian cosmonaut records Orange halo around Earth: video

Sergei Kud-Sverkov shared a 15-second video focusing on a seven-minute flight from the International Space Station. Pictures show the brightness of the earth, the northern lights and the sunrise as seen from the station.

“We will fly between cities in the Pacific Ocean, the United States, and Canada, and then watch the sunrise over the North Atlantic Ocean,” he describes the way his followers join him.

In these images, they surprised Internet users, and because of the beautiful orange halo on Earth, the brightness of the planet seen in the images is practically invisible from its surface, says the astronaut.

This phenomenon is the result of processes in the upper atmosphere. The proposed green light is the oval of the northern lights, which is visible when the space station reaches polar latitudes.

The last moments of the video show a bright blue line, which is sunrise. In addition, many flying objects can be observed.

“These are moons that appear to be reflected by sunlight, and I’m sure most ufologists will find another explanation for this,” Kud-Sverkov concluded with a smile. Smiling according to information from RT.

Here are the images:

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