Amazing picture of the moon taken from the earth

Amazing picture of the moon taken from the earth

Very sharp images Lunar surface, The Astronomers Keep them. What makes it unusual is that it is taken from the surface of the earth. It took two years of work Researchers National Radio Astronomical Observatory (NRAO, United States) To develop the technology that made this extraordinary image possible.

We find out Apollo 15 Moon landing site Middle, a Scar A channel that abandoned old volcanic activity. Near this point, a four-mile-diameter crater, Hadley c.

At the origin of this incredible film, there is Green Bank Telescope, The largest Radiodeloscope Fully Orientable from the world installed in the United States. It was fitted with a transmitter that allowed it to transmit a radar signal into space. This signal is reflected on the surface The moon Accepted Very long baseline array (VLBA) This has created a dubious image. You can observe the details up to five meters in it!

Researchers’ ambition: to further develop the process of accessing imagesUranus and Neptune.

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