Amateur boxing in young people significantly increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Amateur boxing in young people significantly increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease

We have known this for a long time The risk of brain damage is very high in professional boxingBut it is only now that researchers have decided to find out if there are any long-term negative effects that should be considered by those interested. The data collected during an interesting scientific experiment are also called Caerphilli Cohort.StudyIt’s time to start in 1979 and have been monitoring the relationship between lifestyle and health for thousands of men for decades.

The men were between the ages of 45 and 59 when the study began, and then their health was checked for 35 years, with battery tests performed every 5 years. After the entire research period, all participants graduated Cognitive Ability TestPurpose of assessment of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

During a follow-up examination during the study, the men were asked to answer a question about boxing, i.e., whether they had actively participated in boxing as part of their physical activity at a young age, or whether they had tried anything before. Serious head injuries. While there is plenty of room for freedom of interpretation, as everyone understands “seriously” differently, this is a matter of boxing regularly for longer periods of time and not going to the gym too often.

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such as One-third of the men who advertise boxing are intellectually disabled In later life – by comparison, one in five in the non-box group. Amateur boxers are three times more likely than non-boxing men to develop dementia, a form of dementia that is considered an early form of Alzheimer’s.

When the shortcomings of this study become apparent to the naked eye – a small set, inaccurate questioning or observation, men’s experiences come from the moment. Security issues are often overlooked This strongly underscores the need to scrutinize the subject to minimize risk during physical activity. Moreover, the authors of the research emphasize the legitimacy of offering some remedial action, which may come as a surprise to some players.

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