Along with these giants, People has launched the Ethereum NFT platform for ‘iconic moments’ with crypto insiders.

Beeple lanceert Ethereum NFT platform voor iconische momenten samen met deze enorme bedrijven

Mike Winkleman, also known as ‘People’, is launching a new launch in collaboration with some of the biggest companies in the world. Non-Fungal Token (NFT) Platform:

The new platform, called WENEW, will immortalize “symbolic moments” from the sports, art and media worlds. Blockchain Since Ethereum (ETH) Into NFTs. NFTs Cryptocurrencies Each token is unique, so it serves as a kind of proof of ownership. Click here to read exactly what NFTs are.

โ€œWe immortalize the deepest moments of culture in the blockchain, forever connecting the famous icons and their achievements with the collectors they value the most. The moments in the WENEW collection were carefully considered for their meaning and impact globally. โ€

So a description on the new website. The platform was started in collaboration with some of the leading companies such as Time, Endeavor, IMG, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Open Earth Foundation and Wimbledon. Some NFTs will sell immediately, while others will be auctioned off.

The first NFTs sold on the platform included British tennis player Andy Murray’s Wimbledon and Wimbledon 2013 victories. Only 1 NFT of the winning moment will be auctioned, but the winner will also win the tennis game by 30 minutes. The auction starts on July 2.

โ€œThis is another case of NFTs that are completely different from digital art. As I have said many times in interviews, this technology is very broad and flexible, and we are only just beginning. โ€

According to People, who The NFT of a work of art sold out in March $ 69.3 million through Christie’s auction house. Soon Sir Tim Berners-Leit will be auctioned off An NFT of the original World Wide Web source code Through an auction house called Sotheby’s.

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