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Almost a medal for the twin “lights” of Ahumada and Schauble

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Gray day for the Swiss “in the world” of races. The men’s lightweight doubles had to settle for fourth place.

The blue skies that set the stage for the arena label at the races certainly did not match the gloomy mood that reigned in the Rosicrucian race at the end of the final day of the 2022 World Championships. They expected the medal which was budgeted on the eve of the National Technical Staff Competition. She was only touched by the men’s “light” double of Rafael Ahumada and Jan Schauble, who finished fourth behind Ireland, Italy and Ukraine. The four female couples had to settle for fifth place after performing well in the preliminary round and the semifinals. Same result for Frédérique Rol and Patricia Merz’s 4 men without men and double “light” women. All negative? Not a chance. For the first time in the history of a “world”, Switzerland was able to bring a final for the title of 4 so-called “long” boats (4 without and 4 sculls), which is good for direct qualification. The Games Paris Olympics will be held next year in Ada Singanlija, Belgrade.

As mentioned, the double “light” male could not get a place on the podium. Fifth in the 500m hurdles, third 100m behind Ireland and Italy, and second in the 1500m 1″ from the Irish in 72. They were unable to withstand the strong attacks of Italy and Ukraine, who were ranked behind European champions O’Donovan and McCarthy in Monaco last August. In the women’s field, Roll and Merz, already struggling in the first chronometric survey – fourth behind Great Britain, France and Ireland – then slipped to fifth place in the 1500, and France before that. Great Britain, who repeated the victory of Monaco, silver for the United States, authors of a strong comeback and bronze for the Irish can be seen on the top step of the podium.

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The women’s pair 4’s medal dream practically melted away as they passed 1000m behind China, who led the dance in the 2000m of the course, 3” 76 behind. Silver for Holland and Bronze for Great Britain.

4 The young man without armor never knew how to enter the heart of battle, but never gave up. The title did not escape Great Britain’s European champions. Silver for Australia and Bronze for Holland.

Last August, Poland stunned European champions Great Britain and Italy in the Bavarian Olympic Basin to win the men’s 4 doubles title.

At the end of the third day of the finals, Great Britain leads the medal table with 9 medals: 6 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze, followed by Italy with 8 (5, 2, 1) and the Netherlands with 6. (1, 4, 1).

For Switzerland, tomorrow, singles player Jeanine Gmelin will be in the hunt for the top spot in Final B.

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