Alma mater study in Ingiltera

Alma mater study in Ingiltera

In London, at the invitation of Clapham’s friends and rivals, the best European teams are preparing for the Final Frisbee Club World Championships to be held July 23-30 in Ohio, USA.

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There are many Alma Matter studios in England, as for the first time Cus Bologna will be able to compete in the World Championships with three teams.

The shouts start from the right foot; Three wins on the first day. After the victory over Irish Gravity, 10-8, 12-10 against the British from Bristol, 10-8 with Spice. There is no story in the semifinals. On the other side of the field are the Vienna Boxes, which talk about the dominance of the last 14-5 Bologna University girls.

The French yak in the final: Transcelpines beat Red and White in the last Champions League has an account to settle. Race with very strong winds and excellent balance: then the cheers go out, 10-5.

Linya Seabert is the MVP of the final.

And in the men’s field? La Fota started with a defeat. This is almost a fight against the Irish Ranelog. Knockout matures at universal point, 11-12. However, the University of Bologna recovered hard against German bad skid (12-11) and British chevron (14-9).

The final is against English champions Clapham. Normal Match: The English Masters of the Case start well with two breaks in between. Alma Matter fails to recover, but closes with a good second.

MVP of the final? Orion Cable. Now the Ohio World Cup. In addition to the two Alma Mater light teams, there will be a mixed redshot for the first time. Also, in the case of First Class, it is unprecedented for a European club to send three delegates to the World Final. The Cushion experience at the World Cup was different, starting with the mixed team that went to Prague in 2010. Then two teams at LeCo, two teams in 2014 and two teams in 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio. We will return to Ohio in 2022 as well. The University of Bologna, which has won two league titles (in the men’s final, as well as the derby between Cas Bologna Red and Cas Bologna White), will go there with three teams. Doing well can be really difficult.

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