Allihees North Engine Loop – Pedestrian

Allihees North Engine Loop - Pedestrian

Information La Allies North Engine Loop

The Allies North Engine Loop is a hike that starts in the village of Alliheis (Co. Cork) in Ireland and takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes in southwestern Ireland. Depart out into the colorful village, set out to explore the coasts, before returning to the hinterland, lost in the countryside where old useless mines stand. It is only 7 km away. Ideal for warming up and enhancing the beauty of Irish countries!

Fair La Allies North Engine Loop

A loop between land and sea

It can only be explored on foot. This is the location of Allihis’ North Engine Loop Circuit, which allows you to navigate to the heart of the unknown desert, amid steep cliffs, coastal trails, and panoramic views of the sea and land.

A great way to disconnect and meet nature in its purest form!

The circuit forms a loop, starting at the Allihis Visitor Center. Allow to go around 2h30, to cover a distance of about 7 km. Feel free to spend time, travel at your own pace and make stops to enjoy the landscape well!

Before heading back in the direction of the grounds where the village’s old abandoned mines stand, you will follow the beach trail along the Balidonegan Strand. It was at this place that the main deposit of Allihis copper was used in the eleventh century. Today the area is abandoned, but a museum dedicated to the mining history of the Allies is still dedicated. Feel free to knock on the door of the Allihees Copper Mine Museum: the institution is costly, and it’s right on the circuit. Perfect for completing your exploration!

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Finally, the loop ends in the alley where you started. Feel free to end this short trip with a short stop at the area’s leading pub: O’Neill’s, not allowed in front of its red shop. The perfect place to drink a pint to music and enjoy the best Irish cuisine!

Still a lot of things To find out …

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