All the rules for tourism

All the rules for tourism

With the collapse of the new ones Infectious disease Can you go abroad? If so, by what rules? What will happen to travelers arriving in Italy? At the same time, it is worth giving some basic advice to those planning a vacation beyond the Alps: invest a few minutes to connect to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website ( This indicates exactly what country you want to visit. However, you can read a detailed mini-guide by country here:

Doctoral Mask: The concept will be discontinued from July 5, but the date will depend on the number of people vaccinated.

Travel, here are the rules

In short, the situation in this situation is as follows: Travel Europe This is genetically permitted within the last 48 hours of your stay, and it is a good idea for those who have been vaccinated with the second dose, or who are Covid cured, or who have an ASL certificate, to bring proof of their Covid exemption. Profile. From July 1st Green Pass It will facilitate travel in EU countries. To get the Green Certificate, connect to the dedicated website at:

On the European front, there is only one country that is causing problems Great Britain Due to the strong spread of the Delta variant: returnees from the United Kingdom must undergo a 5-day ban and abstain.

Quarantine – Returnees from some of the countries listed below must stay on the ship for at least 10 days: Rwanda, Republic of Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand. Return from these destinations requires filling out a special self-certification, having a certificate attesting to a negative result of a molecular or antigenic test and you can only reach the final destination in Italy by private vehicle (airport transport is permitted, without departing from the airport dedicated areas).

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Forbidden Countries – – There are countries where going for tourism is banned (but you can work) but you cannot return from it. This is approximately: Brazil, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The ban on entry into Italy also applies to those who have resided or passed in these countries 14 days prior to attempting to enter Italy.

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