All the free courses that Google is giving you for this 2022 with certification! – Teach me about science

All the free courses that Google is giving you for this 2022 with certification!  - Teach me about science

The Google Activate platform allows access to free online courses in digital skills. The purpose of the above platform is to provide students with the digital skills they need to take advantage of technology.

The participant will be able to watch video tutorials and activities from the hands of experts. It should be noted that in order to get the appropriate certificate for the course of interest, one has to pass the final examination of each course.

First course “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” The goal is for the partner to learn the basics and grow their business, with the goal of becoming a digital marketing expert at the grassroots level.

The above course consists of 26 modules created by Google Instructors, including various practical exercises and real-life examples. The first modules include the following topics:

  • Module 1. Opportunities in the online world.
  • Module 2. The first steps to success online.
  • Module 3. Expand your online presence.
  • Module 4. Plan your online business strategy
  • Module 5. Discover the world of search engines.

Link to course: “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing”

Second course “Digital Transformation for Employment” It is designed in such a way that the student finds everything related to digital transformation at the hands of the School of Industrial Organization (EOI), and aims to gain a general understanding of emerging digital areas and the opportunities that digital transformation offers.

The above course is organized into 4 modules and is 40 hours long, taught by professionals in the field and co-funded by the European Social Fund.

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The course is arranged in the following modules:

  • Module 1. Digital conversion.
  • Module 2. Key areas in the digital sector.
  • Module 3. The most in-demand digital profiles
  • Module 4. Individual conversion plan

Link to the course “Digital Transformation for Employment”.

Third course “Electronic Commerce” The purpose is to help the participant learn how to buy and sell (network products and / or services). Content includes various issues addressed Digital advertising on display banners, affiliations, AdSense, cookies retargeting, DSP and RTB.

Among these topics, you can learn how to plan the available means. Learn how Google works, how to properly use social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, or how to build an online store on social networks.

The course consists of the following modules:

  • Module 1. Definition of e-commerce
  • Module 2. Types of electronic commerce
  • Module 3. Logistics and distribution
  • Module 4. Social networks are applied in e-commerce
  • Module 5. Mobile commerce
  • Module 6. Digital advertising
  • Module 7. Google search engine

Link to course: Electronic commerce.

Now, in the so-called course “Introduction to Web Development: HTML, CSS” The student can learn to create their own professional web pages that are compatible with different tools. In the course you will learn how to create HTML5 and CSS3 for adaptive pages. A. for the virtual course 40 hours in length and contains the following modules:

  • Module 1. History of the Web
  • Module 2. How the Web Works
  • Module 3. How to write a web page.
  • Module 4. How to publish a website
  • Module 5. How to write on a well-organized web page
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Link to course: “Introduction to Web Development: HTML, CSS”

The mobile app development course is run by Complutens University of Madrid (UMC). In it you can learn the basic concepts of creating applications for mobile devices and focus on their design and programming. With a duration of 40 hours.

His study addresses issues such as:

  • Design and creation of applications
  • Development Platforms – Android.
  • Development Platforms – iOS
  • Stores, Marketing, User Analysis.

Link to the course Mobile App Development “

And of course “Cloud Computing” Developed by Google in collaboration with the School of Industrial Organization in collaboration with There is 40 hours long. Its content is varied and divided into seven modules, you can learn about the following topics:

  • How the cloud is organized: from infrastructure to software.
  • Cloud security.
  • Innovation and technological transformation from the user.
  • Use other cases.

Link to course: “Cloud Computing”

And a course designed by Google “Digital Skills for Professionals” Aims to learn about The Importance of Digital Skills. The topics covered are: The keys to keeping your operating system up-to-date, troubleshooting techniques, and the basics of security:

  • Basic use of the operating system
  • Problem solving
  • Security
  • Information processing
  • Content creation.
  • Soft Skills

Link to course: Digital skills for professionals

The following course focuses on “How to Improve and Save Your Online Campaign” Use the various online digital platforms to communicate and interact with the public, from which to analyze the scale of campaigns to maintain security.

The course mentioned is seven hours long. It also contains 12 modules with the following topics:

  • Let the search engines find you.
  • Improve your search engine campaigns.
  • Promote yourself on social networks.
  • Improve your company’s online security.
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Link to course: How to Improve and Protect Your Online Campaign

Finally the course “Promote a company that advertises online” dEscubre lets you discover the best tools for designing marketing strategies and attracting the right customers. The goal is for the partner to learn how to create an effective strategy using tools such as email, video and display ads to attract customers.

The three-hour course is arranged in five modules.

  • Module 1: Take a deeper look at display ads
  • Module 2. Connect via email
  • Module 3. Advertise on other websites
  • Module 4. Promote yourself on search engines.
  • Module 5. Improve your search engine campaigns.

Link to course: Promote a business with online advertising

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