Alitalia paid April’s salary twice, tomorrow and Tuesday. Westager: “Avoid irrevocable choices”

Alitalia paid April's salary twice, tomorrow and Tuesday.  Westager: "Avoid irrevocable choices"

Although the salary for April has been doubled. Negotiations with the European Union have not yet been unlocked. In fact, the tension between Rome and Brussels over the future of Ita is so high that the company must be born out of the old ashes. Alitalia. “I still believe we can find a solution, and Italy is presenting an updated proposal that will allow us to meet our different standards,” said Margaret Vestager, vice president and head of competition at the European Commission. “My team has been waiting a long time for a proposal to resume talks,” he said, adding that good progress had been made before the break.

After a meeting with the company’s extraordinary commissioners, the unions announced on Friday that they would pay 50 percent of employees’ salaries in April “tomorrow (Monday 3)” by Tuesday. A discussion list on the company’s crisis was called on Wednesday, which will be attended by representatives of Alitalia, Ita and workers, with workers urging “repayment of the $ 3 billion loan already set aside for the national carrier plan.” at this time. Trapped. Filt-Sigil, Fitz-Sisal, Ultrasporti and Yugal say they are ready to implement “all necessary measures for the real resumption of Alitalia for the benefit of all workers”.

Meanwhile, the Alitalia Commissioners had made it clear on January 28 last year from the top management of Ita Only the company’s “general and unfounded interest in acquiring property” has arrived. Plans are afoot to take over the old company’s operations, although it is still waiting for signs of a pullout from Brussels. “I share the urgency expressed by the Italian authorities and company representatives regarding the launch of Ita, to prepare for the summer season,” Wester emphasized again, “but the main thing is that it is financially different compared to the new company.” Alitalia.

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He added that if financial discomfort between the two companies did not manifest itself, it would be liable for any assistance that Alitalia may have received “illegally”, which is not a good way for anyone to get started. “It is important that any preparatory work that takes place does not have unintended or irreversible consequences,” the competition commissioner continued, answering the question of whether Italy would pursue a project B Alitalia Without agreeing with the union. “I urge everyone to work together and I still believe we can find a solution that works.”

Referring to the 900 and 400 million loans granted to Alitalia in 2017 and 2019, the Vice President said, He then explained: “We are very close to making a decision about the previous assistance we received from Alitalia.” He denied that the situation of the tricolor company was comparable to that of Air France and Lufthansa. The other two airlines benefited from government assistance in Paris and Berlin due to the Kovid emergency. «Air France and Lufthansa were profitable companies even before Co Covid Because of this they were able to recapitalize under different circumstances. If a company was in trouble before the Pandemic, that is another question. This is the situation we find ourselves in with Alitalia.

The method of awarding damages for damages related to Covid is absolutely the same for all airlines, and “we do our best to ensure that our cases are strongly defended in court,” Wester added. In response to a question about Ryaner’s decision, he appealed to the European Court of Justice (EU) against the green light for a $ 200 million government loan to Alitalia to repair the damage caused by the epidemic. “This is another case allowed on a discriminatory basis, as it can only be entered into Alitalia through a clear violation of community law,” the Irish low-cost spokesman attacked, defining Brussels’ attitude as “unthinkable”. Instead of “ordering the restoration of aid” it had already received, Ryanair again protested, allowing the Italian company to “survive again at the expense of taxpayers”.

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