Alingi Red Bull Racing – A Swiss team

Alingi Red Bull Racing - A Swiss team

Sailing – Questions and answers about the 2024 Americas Cup from a Swiss perspective.

With the success of the US Cup in 2003 and 2007, Switzerland became a shipping nation. Now Ernesto Bertarelli’s team is making a new attempt in collaboration with the Red Bull. Answers to the most important questions:

What is the US Cup?

The American Cup – known as the first successful ship – has been an international sailing competition since 1851. Thus, one of the oldest sports trophies is in danger of becoming a challenge cup. Similar to Formula 1, ships belong to the Premier Class.

Why is Alinchi returning?

After a (lost) legal battle with Oracle owner Larry Ellison, Alingi owner Ernesto Bertarelli is fed up. The Americans were eliminated in 2017, but the New Zealanders have now confirmed their victory in 2021. Sailing – or flying – is now done by high-tech giants in the AC75 class. Alinchi already has extensive experience in other disciplines, using a foiling technique that allows boats to be lifted and fly over water at speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. With the AC75 class came a definite sequel back to the US Cup as well. It makes things more predictable for beginners.

Why do Alingi and Red Bull come together?

Red Bull boss Dietrich Matteschitz and Ernesto Bertarelli know each other personally and share a passion for sailing. In sports, the name Red Bull is not just for Formula 1, the Austrians have been active in sailing for a long time. Aling knows how to run the US Cup campaign, and the Red Bull will bring important knowledge with aerodynamics experts from Formula 1. The team is officially called: Alinchi Red Bull Racing.

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How high are the costs?

The figures are not general. But compared to the amount of syndicates from the US Cup in 2021, it should be over 100 million francs.

Which yacht do you travel on?

The 2024 US Cup will once again travel in the AC75 class. Boats fly over the water. Compared to the 2021 event, the boat’s crew was reduced from eleven to eight people, the boat weighed less than 900 kg, and each participant was only allowed to build a high-tech projectile.

When to build a yacht?

It is too late to miss any technical developments, but it is possible to train at sea with the ship early and make the best arrangements. The yacht, which will be produced by Ecublance, is expected to be ready by the end of 2023.

Who sails for Alingi Red Bull Racing?

Alingi Red Bull Racing is a Swiss team based in Equilibrium. New Zealand wins US Cup after ending mercenaries The boat crew includes 14 Swiss, one of whom is a track cyclist and two rowers.

Where will the next US Cup be held?

The ship will depart from Barcelona in September and October 2024. The failure of negotiations with New Zealand politicians regarding funding led to guest appearances in Spain. Malaga, Cork in Ireland and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia have also applied to host the event. Currently Syndicates are enrolled in the UK, USA, Italy and Switzerland. Other countries can join. In a pre-match, these teams challenge the New Zealand team.

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