Aliens visited us in 2017

علماء فلك: مخلوق من خارج الكوكب زارنا في 2017

In October 2017, astronomers noticed an object moving so fast that it could only come from another star, the first record of an interstellar intrusion.

It did not look like a normal rock, as it gained momentum after sunset and deviated from its expected course.

This can be easily explained if a comet emits gas and debris, but there is no visible evidence of this “gas” process.

The traveler descends strangely in such a way as to cause glare and blur in the telescope of scientists, and the unusual light, indicating that it is made of shiny metal.

To explain what happened, astronomers had to come up with new theories, namely that it is made of hydrogen ice, so there are no visible signs, or that it dissolves into a dust cloud.

Thus begins a new book by a leading astronomer who claims that the simplest and best explanation for the extraordinary properties of an interstellar object that passed through our solar system in 2017 is a technology designed by an alien.

Does this sound weird? Scientist Avi Lob says, “Evidence proves otherwise.

Loeb, who was a longtime president of astronomy at Harvard University, has published hundreds of papers, collaborating with greats such as the late Stephen Hawking, and is hard to dismiss.

The scientist believes that “the idea that we are unique and special is arrogant”.

“The right approach is to say humbly,‘ We are not special, we have many other cultures, we need to find them, ’” he said.

“If this is the direction we are taking, why do we not think it is of synthetic origin?” He added.

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His existence was discovered as soon as he left our solar system, so no close-up photos were taken of O’Malley during his short stay.

There are two forms that correspond to the different behaviors observed. Long and thin like a cigar, or flat and round like a pancake.

But Loeb points out that the imitations lean towards the latter, believing that the object was deliberately built in the shape of a ship guided by stellar radiation.

The way the object moved was also amazing, which made its path even more bizarre.

Before it collided with our Sun, um Muamu was at rest compared to the neighboring stars, which is rare. Instead of thinking of space as a spacecraft, in terms of its shape, our solar system affected it. But Lob’s ideas were opposed by his peers.

Astronomer Ethan Segel called him a “once respected scientist” in Forbes magazine, but failed to convince his peers of his arguments, so he tried to persuade the public. Just as Galileo was punished for suggesting that the earth is not the center of the universe, Loeb protests against the academy’s “culture of intimidation” that punishes people who question orthodoxy.

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