Aliens in the room or twinkling lights in the sky. UFO Views Rise in Northern Ireland – Current Events

Aliens in the room or twinkling lights in the sky.  UFO Views Rise in Northern Ireland - Current Events

A CCTV surveillance system [Circuito Fechado de Televisão], With cameras mounted in strategic locations, can capture everything a little – and in Northern Ireland it shows images of UFOs. [objetos voadores não identificados].

Accordingly Patron, Police received information about eight unexplained sightings in 2021, including white lights on CCTV and “strange pictures.” Looking at the numbers, these phenomena have increased: six were registered in 2020, and only four in 2019.

But what about what people see? In January, there was a report of a spaceship and flashing lights in the Down Patrick area, and in May reports spoke of white lights in Maghreb and a strange disk in the sky over the Antrim County area.

In July, so-called “strange images” appeared on CCTV in a house in the Newtown Bay area, and a dome – shaped object with eight lights in the sky was reported in the Stfield area.

That, in turn, received a report in September referring to “room aliens” in the Lisbon area, while in October there were reports of aliens being abducted. The last episode of November identified “unusually bright lights in the sky.”

The British newspaper reports that local police spokesman Nick Pope said there was no investigation into the incidents.

He said it was difficult to say what was behind the slight increase in vision. “Covid-19s and feedlots may have played a role in this, as people may have had more time during outbreaks and discovered things that went unnoticed before,” he suggested.

“Another possibility is that people are following the situation in the United States, where Congress has taken the issue seriously and the Pentagon has launched a new initiative on UFOs,” he said. “This will increase the likelihood that people will report something unusual that they have seen, as it sends the message that the authorities are taking the matter seriously.”

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Recall that in 2020, the US announced the formation of a unit to officially study anonymous flying objects, which will focus on detecting possible espionage by rivals in the United States – the US Army and UFOs. It has nothing to do with possible aliens, but with real rivals and enemies.

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