Alice Prieto is the new president of Young Entrepreneurs, Asindustria Venetocentro

Alice Prieto is the new president of Young Entrepreneurs, Asindustria Venetocentro

Alice Prieto was elected President of the Youth Group for the three-year term 2021-2023 by the Assembly of Young Entrepreneurs at Asindustria Venetocentro via video link.


During the proceedings, Di Real, President and Director of Young Entrepreneurs, Chonfindustria, addressed the conference. Ashimdustria Venetochentro joins the Congratulations to the newly elected President, Alice Preto. Prieto is the director of Esse Group SRL in Mestrino, which specializes in welding plastics, leather and textiles for the medical, fashion and furniture sectors. The vice-president moved Betty (Betty SRS Group, peraga D vigeansa), Sofia kampagnealea (L otteasenrea SRS, sirradella), Ricardo phearnasiyar (eriteks SRS, Windows), Francesco ongarea (trevigreasear asikkurasea) asindastriya venerreasentreayute first and only president of the Alice prerrea Young enrarpranars of the group, Following the founding of the association on June 15, 2018, its election period ended, and the presidents saw Anna as the first to take the helm of young entrepreneurs. Two years. Vial and Alessandra Paul. The Young Entrepreneurship Board, along with the Presidency team, elected directors. These include: Arigo Barrian (Andrigetti Legnami SRL, Sant Angelo di Piov de Sacco), Christopher Secato (Secato Olindo SRL, San Giorgio del Pertizhe), Enrico Fiorin (bcrt 2).


Alice Prieto Announces: I Proudly Take on the Leadership of Young Entrepreneurs at Assindustria Venetocentro, I have a great responsibility. A heartfelt thank you to all my co-founders, Alessandra Paul and Anna Vial, who are key witnesses. The epidemic has hit hard, especially young people. The latest estate data on employment and youth businesses is not comforting. We need to bring the younger generation back to the center of the agenda, opening up a “youth phase” after stages one, two and three of the response to the pandemic. To help the birth of new businesses, the bureaucracy needs to simplify and create a bridge with large and medium-sized companies so that they can invest for the first time in new generations. Encouraging and rewarding the hiring of young people will help companies in our area to acquire new skills. We have learned from this crisis: all the skills needed to respond to emergencies, to build sustainable solutions in the future, and to create opportunities from new technologies and international exchanges – both technologically and humanely, entrepreneurial and horizontal. Young people are the carriers of these skills. We will establish Digital as the engine of competitive acceleration of internationalization at the center of our work. Crucial training for an innovative, sustainable and integrated future. Leopoldo Destro, president of Asindustria Venetocentro, adds: Young young entrepreneurs have always represented a laboratory of innovation, direction and commitment. To the new President Prieto and team, in this direction, I would like to always embark on the proposals and actions to ensure and strengthen that important contribution of the vision and resilience that our companies need. Helpful contribution. A large country needs the entrepreneurship and skills of its young people. Making good use of Next Generation funds in this direction means maintaining trust with the program’s goal. The new generation of Europe, in fact.

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Alice Prieto

Born in Padua on May 12, 1993, he graduated with a degree in Business Management from the University of Trento and began his professional career as a Master in Innovation Management, Precision Mechanics and Communication Company at CIA. After taking over growing positions in the family business, he is now the Director and Owner of SRL Group SRL of Mestrino (PD), founded in 2011. They specialize in high frequency welding of plastics, leather and textiles, mainly for the medical sector. Furniture, 11 direct collaborators, turnover of 1 million. He was instrumental in the development of the digitization project and Factory 4.0. Commitment to the Young Entrepreneurs Group begins in Padua in 2016: Participated in networking, training projects, communication and marketing group. (IM) He has been coordinating the Working Group since 2019 on innovation and generational change initiated by the PRESEntiamoci project. Passionate about reading, cooking and sports, she attended the European Parliament of Students (PES) and studied in Ireland, England and China.


This is not a country for young people (businesses). Not only the pandemic crisis: bureaucracy, inefficient public administration, labor costs, selective credit, and demographic decline have made doing business for young people an obstacle course for years. And in the Padua and Treviso areas. Over the past ten years, 4,634 young entrepreneurs in all sectors have disappeared (-29.1%), i.e. those under 35 (or those under 35 in ownership). Of the 15,927 registered in 2011, young businesses fell to 11,818 by the end of 2019, with 7.1% active businesses (up from 9% in 2011). Pandemic young entrepreneurship is not excluded: 525 companies under the age of 35 (-4.4%) lost in the first nine months of 2020, down from 11,293 in September. The amount of young people entering entrepreneurship is declining, but the qualitative contribution is not diminishing, from digital capabilities to innovation, focus on environmental sustainability, and strategy for the future.

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