Alexander Usaik vs Derek Chisora ​​Live – Class says Del Boy missed a unanimous call at Wembley Arena

In the end, the tiger tamed the elephant and proved that he was in the land of monsters.

Before Derek Chisora ​​gave Oleksandr Usaik a Halloween scare, at the age of 36, the former Cruiserweight King gained every ounce of skill and willpower at Wembley Arena.

Ukrainian Southpa del Boy was expected to declare himself in the heavyweight division and establish his position as a compelling challenge to Anthony Joshua.

Oleksandr Usik wins his first heavyweight title with a point victory over Derek Chisora

Instead, AJ was on the ringside to watch 12 tough rounds, which ended with the winner Usaik, but there was no illusion of a punishable life among the big boys.

He can take a shot, okay. He can box even brilliantly a few inches around the waist. But is he strong enough to face Joshua or Tyson Fury? Only time will tell.

Uzaik was forced to face an earlier attack and a rally from Chisora, which was enough to cause discomfort in the eyes of his team and the former stablemate.

The judges saw it differently – the Ukrainians scored 117-112, 115-113 (twice), followed by A.J.

‘Hi Antony,’ he shouted in fear. ‘I’m coming for you, Usaik,’ AJ responded kindly.

If Tyson Fury has nothing to say about it, they can meet soon. Anyway, Usaik is a player in the division and Chisora ​​still has life left.

Injury and then the inevitable virus forced these two to delay and make their way from the jumping O2 arena to this dark and empty stage.

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At the time, he was a new Chisora ​​crafter – calmer, more focused and now more disciplined, avoiding sexual pleasure for the past six weeks.

But even this version was expected to fight against the brilliant, often bamboo Usaik. Although he had about 3 lbs to climb the bridge, he was thought to be very fast and classic. Very good.

The remaining questions were whether he would be able to cope with the biggest things out there. Does beefing up heavyweights rob you of those expert skills?

The first three minutes did little to address these concerns. With his first looping shot, Chisora ​​grabbed the top of Usaik’s head and sent it towards the Ukrainian ropes. Another man found the house while Usaik was struggling to keep him weak. His footprints were not sharp, and his stings seemed to bite.

As Chisora ​​moved forward, UC got more wins early on in the second half – starting to find his range and home for sharp shots.

By the end of the session, the Ukrainian was very relieved – he had to work hard to escape the danger, but Chisora ​​was still approaching.

At the urging of the AJ, Chisora ​​continued to set the pace for Usaik – still under constant barricade, even though he began to pay Chisora ​​when he lost his form.

It was painted as Boxer V Slugger but Del Boy’s job was damaged and occasionally turned into a Southpaw. Yes really.

Yusik then tapped on the canvas, leaving only the referee to rule a slip.

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Chisora’s challenge was to maintain speed and pressure as the fight reached midfield.

Manager David Haye from the Ringside requested that the head be moved. ‘Frazier, Frazier,’ he shouted, urging his man to disguise himself as an old-time heavyweight.

The problem was that Usaik was getting more consistent with each round and his power shots were starting to make more teeth.

By the end of the seventh, as he began to feel the speed, the big man fell towards the ropes. At the beginning of the eighth he was slow to defecate; It seems that the tide cannot turn in Usaik’s favor.

The Ukrainian chisora ​​raised her head with both hands, unleashing cruel and clean combinations.

The left hand, in particular, was tagging Chisora ​​at will – the underdog’s finites – all but disappearing, but his punch output output decreased with each session.

The finishing touches seem to be coming, only for Chisora ​​to come again. In rounds nine and ten, he worked hard once again as the Del Boy tank emptied.

Chisora ​​came and continued the landing as the fight progressed to the final round. But that was not enough. Finally the class said. Approx.

Sports MailKIERAN LYNCH followed all the live boxing steps and you can be reminded of how this gripping encounter was played by taking another look at our coverage below.

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