Alexander the Great Macedonian, unmarked in white robes

Alexander the Great Macedonian, unmarked in white robes

To the networks of Northern Irish McIlroy e Kush From North Korea on January 15, 1958 Hold the doo-ik Swedish at the 1966 English World Cup (July 19) Johansson (Buffon was sacked by De Rossi on November 10, 2017), so the Macedonian striker has been added since last Thursday evening. Alexander Trajkovsky. The former Palermo striker (16 goals in 104 games in 2015-19, playing alongside future Lions coach Alberto Gilardino) is in fact the latest on the blacklist of Italian football misfortunes, and Blue is certainly not the only one. Born on September 5, 1992 in Skopje, Stryker is a repentant team. Many people like Udinese, Alessandria, Genoa and Frosinone know something about this.

He is also well known to Pro Verselli supporters, who were sent off 2-1 for postponing the sixth day of play (Monday 25 September 2017) at the Barbera La Favorita Stadium in Palermo in the last Serie B Championship ever played. Bianche jackets. Mr. Grosdonia’s reply was with Bianche Casache 4-3-2-1: Marcon; Giglione, Legatti, Bergamelli, Mammerella; Germano (73 ‘Rovini), Yves, Castiglia, Bifulko (55’ Risevic); Flores, Mora (81 ′ Polydori), Posavec composted Palermo under the command of Bruno Tedino; Zionek, Struna, Siminsky; Rispoli, Gnahore (61 Davidovics), Muravsky, Chochev, Morganella; Trajkovsky (65 ′ emballo), Nestorovsky. In the Sicilian capital, that pro will play a stratospheric match, perhaps because it has not (recently) been played in the cadet series (in relation to the opponent’s race) but will be defeated but impressed (with amazing touches and tactical dominance). In fact, Roseanero’s victory was simple and comeback, and the Versailles players never dominated until the final whistle. The Lions ‘disrespectful attitude was rewarded at 20’ pt, and Bifulco scored after Bergamelli was rejected by Posavek (0-1). Palermo was already shaking and balancing the result at 25 ‘pt. Ciliani Posavek’s goalkeeper follows the miracle with a superb strike from outside the Yves. At the start of the second half, Palermo took the lead: Legati’s error found an opening for Chochev Nestorovsky, beating Marcon from a narrow corner (51 ‘: 2-1). Race over? No Sir: Pro is not tired, he touches the same goal over and over again (Reizevich canceled the goal for offside). Palermo remains in the top 40 at the age of 40 after being sacked by Nestorovsky, but Verselli’s siege in the final will lead to a 2-2 draw that deserves. Notably, at the end of the race there will be a roar of relief from the audience of “Barbara”. At the end of the match, President Massimo Secondo commented: “Even if there was a 2-2 we would be sorry, you all saw that I was not exaggerating”.

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Second face-off with Mansini’s Macedonian coach in Italy Sweet: Match Day on Saturday 24th February 2018. The following entered the field: Pigliaselli; Gosi, Bergamelli, Connaught; Giglione, Germano (35th Alto Belly), Pagera, Castell, Mammerella; Reginaldo (25th Risevich), Mora (17th Canote). In Palermo, Pomini; Rispoli, Struna, Bellowski, Siminsky; Muravsky (30th Gnahor), Jazlo, Chochev; Coronado (11th Morio); Nestorovsky and Trajkovsky. It was a great match for Bianche Kasache, who practically never succeeded in shooting the much-loved Rosanero (going through a bit of hatred) into the target. In those 90 minutes, they will remember the hosts’ fifth consecutive useful score; The remarkable entry into the field, in the second half, was much better than an unusual connotation, man-jumping, and dimming the inactivity of the match (better for the Piedmonties), forcing the guests to repeat the foul and touch. the aim. But in Trojkovsky’s own shot, Pigliacelli’s heartbreaking final, Mummerella’s penalty foul against Morio, was forgiven by Mr Valerio Marini. High marks for Pigliaselli, Gosi, Germano, Bergamelli, Conate, Pagera and Castiglia. Finally, Versailles coach Grazadonia will reveal: “We are the best against a great team”, while Massimo Secondo will say: “This is the pro I wanted”.

Say goodbye to the Cadet Series and we all know how it is. Nothing physical compared to the Italian defeat on Thursday, March 24, 2022. Alexander Trojkovsky’s is a date and name that, unfortunately, will forever be etched in the hearts and eyes of all Italian athletes.

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