Alex Arlotti abandons the dream of “I choose to study at Harvard”

Alex Arlotti abandons the dream of "I choose to study at Harvard"
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March 5, 2021
Giuseppe Mastica
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There are trains that pass only once in a lifetime, and Alessandro Arlotti decided to take it on the fly. Thus, at the age of 18, he accepted the “American Dream” and ended his contract with Pescara to study at Harvard, despite his future in professional football. An unavoidable event that only happens once. And then, going there does not mean ending up in football, because I’ll play on the college team somehow. To confirm this, he has already posted a smiling face on Instagram with the logo of the university team, Harvard Crimson. “I passed all the tests. My brother’s experience at Boston University also helps. I always have high marks in school. I tried. The feeling I felt when the result came was very strong. I could not believe it. “Speak without hiding your pride and joy.
Alessandro Arlotti was born in Nice to Italian parents, but lives in the principality. In fact, it passes when Monaco is 7 years old. He stands out immediately: technically good, the timing of the inclusion immediately defines the role within the pitch. He’s a second striker or he can snatch at the trocar. France are eyeing him with the goal of inviting him to the Under-17 European Championships in Ireland. But here comes the problem: he did not live in French territory for 5 years to get a passport. Italy entered and led him to the event. The periodical France football azure, which gives the Golden Ball to talk about, also talks about the Italian flag. In the final round, the Azzurri reached the final (losing), beating their French counterparts. «But I feel Italian too. So in the end my choice was easy. I made our national team happy at the 2006 World Cup, ”he said.
Hello Pescara
Now a new life opens up for him: a I will be gone in a month. I will start from a course and then the lessons will start in August. I will follow a public address for a year and a half. Then I have to choose: If I have to make a decision now, I will say economy. From Abruzzo to Massachusetts. From Pescara to Cambridge. The Serie B club took him over the summer and took him to the bench with the first team: P I owe a lot to Pescara. These are the important months that have inspired me to grow so much from a purely football perspective and a human perspective. I can only thank Monaco for trusting me immediately. Who knows, we will not read Alessandro Arlotti for a while, not in the sports news, but in the pages of economics.

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