Albrecht Schuch as European “Shooting Star”

Albrecht Schuch as European "Shooting Star"

German actor Albrecht Schuch (35) will be honored as the “Shooting Star” this year along with nine European colleagues. The prize is meant to draw attention to specific talent, which is considered a springboard for an international career. The awards will be presented at a summer event in Berlin in June this year, as announced by the European Film Promotion Network on Tuesday.

Schuch is best known for his films “Berlin Alexander Platz”, “Systems Springer” and the TV series “Bad Banks”. The jury praised “a clear desire to push oneself beyond the limits.” He was nominated for Eric Costner’s novel based on Dominic Graf’s new film “Fabian” – which will be released in April. Schuch lives in Berlin.

Also honored are the shooting stars: CD Harla (Finland), Nicholas Maury (France), Natasha Stork (Hungary), Fiona Ozia (Ireland), Ijimanta Elena Jakaita (Lithuania), Martin Lakmeier (Netherlands), , Alba Baptista (Portugal), Gustav Lind (Sweden). Former German “shooting stars” include Daniel Br ൾl, Anna Maria Mahe, Moritz Bleebrew, and Jella Hayes.

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