Al Pacino performs a smashing performance with his Shrek iPhone case

Al Pacino performs a smashing performance with his Shrek iPhone case

Legendary actor Al Pasino Spreading a photo you can see creates a stir on social media: Home theme with iPhone case Shrek. Jason MomovaFamous for portraying the character of Aquaman in DC movies, he shared a photo with co-stars at a restaurant, including Al Pacino.

Fans quickly turned their attention to the design of Al Pacino’s iPhone, which can be seen in the photo, and soon discovered that it contained various pictures of the fan’s favorite Ogre Shrek.

Pasino is one of the greatest Hollywood icons known for his participation in such films as “The Godfather”, “Scarface” and “The Irishman”. Shrek, on the other hand, is one of D’s most popular animated characters.Real Works Animation, A reference to the popular culture of recent years. Apparently, Al Pacino, a fan of the franchise who turns 20 in 2021, also joined in the adoration and love for Shrek.

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Likewise, Al Pacino seems to be a huge fan of many characters and franchises except “Shrek”. In 2020, the actor described his love of comic books about Archie, a character from a classic graphic novel published since 1939.

“This is a question no one has ever asked me, but I do remember Archie Comics,” Pacino said when asked about his favorite comic books or superheroes. “I liked them. Coming from the South Bronx was a lot of fun. I thought, ‘Oh, people live in streets with houses and trees.’ So I really enjoyed Archie Comics. He was a real fan. ⁇

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Pacino, one of Han Solo’s first choices before Harrison Ford, is also close to doing a role in Star Wars. However, he turned down the role because he did not understand the script, and instead brought Ford Han to life in a distant galaxy.

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